SOURCE: HipSaver Inc

October 30, 2012 10:00 ET

New Skin-Rejuvenating Pillowcase Uses New Technologies to Prevent Dry Face and Sleep Lines That Cause Wrinkles

CANTON, MA--(Marketwire - Oct 30, 2012) - According to the American Academy of Dermatology, sleeping on one's back is the best way to prevent wrinkle-causing sleep lines from traditional pillowcases. However, most people cannot actually get a good night's sleep on their back. The new patent-pending DermaDream™ pillowcase from HipSaver Inc., a Massachusetts manufacturer of healthcare products, has solved this problem with a high-tech, silky-smooth layered pillowcase that reduces pressure on the skin, reduces friction with facial skin and enhances skin tone and texture (

"The pressure of an eight-pound head on a bony prominence such as your forehead or cheekbone is enough to choke off capillary blood flow to facial skin," says Ed Goodwin, HipSaver president and product developer. "In addition, the weight of a head causes creases and folds on traditional pillowcases that in turn contribute to facial wrinkles. Add to that the fact that pillowcases tend to draw moisture from the skin, and you have three harmful elements of sleeping on conventional fabrics that are all solved with the revolutionary technologies in our DermaDream pillowcase."

DermaDream™ is the first pillowcase made from a resilient three-dimensional fabric. It consists of two layers of knit polyester connected by pressure-reducing, resilient microsprings that prevent the chokeoff of capillary blood flow to the face as well as the fabric creases that cause wrinkles. The polyester yarns used in DermaDream™ do not rob the face of moisture, eliminating the need for moisturizers. In addition, the polyester yarns contain CuTec™ copper fibers that promote skin wellness and destroy potentially harmful bacteria on the face.

"DermaDream's new technologies are a game changer for people concerned about the appearance of their face," says Goodwin. "After all, we spend 25 percent of our life with our head on a pillowcase. For an investment of about $60, people who want their skin to look young and smooth can get a washable, durable and face-friendly surface to sleep on."

To learn more about the science and technology behind the DermaDream™ pillowcase, which is entirely made in the USA, please visit and click on the videos.

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