March 06, 2012 11:41 ET

New Social Media Gift Engine Ticlr Makes Gift Giving Easier and More Meaningful

Addresses Market Need for Non-Material Gifts Preferred by 63% of Adults

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Mar 6, 2012) - Addressing the need for a meaningful, stress-free way to find and give gifts and to express gratitude and appreciation, entrepreneur and technology veteran Chuck Digate today launched Ticlr (, a gift giving engine and social media platform that allows people to easily create and share user-generated gifts. Ticlr recently surveyed hundreds of adults and discovered 63 percent would prefer spending time with friends and family, or an offer of help or support, to a store-bought gift. Ticlr addresses that market need and makes sharing those gifts simple.

Digate developed Ticlr while contemplating how to express gratitude for an old friend with whom he was reacquainted after several years. The result was a service that removes the barriers of traditional gift giving.

  • A Public Gift Locker, populated with gift ideas from Ticlr's community of users, allows users to crowd-source gift ideas, thereby taking the guesswork and stress out of choosing a gift.

  • Ticlr's underlying messaging platform allows people to easily create, personalize and deliver unique gifts via email, smart phone, or Facebook ASAP.

  • Ideal for last-minute or late gifts, Ticlr enables "deferred fulfillment," allowing users to share a gift immediately but deal with delivery and payment later.

  • And because Ticlr never requires a commerce transaction, users can send a kind gesture or task as a gift.

The survey data confirms people want to find the right gift for friends and family. However, despite 52 percent of respondents saying they "love finding the perfect present," only 77 percent of people feel their loved ones choose the right gift.

"Gift-giving is often fraught with anxiety," said Ticlr founder Chuck Digate. "We want to make it a meaningful and pleasant experience. And in today's uncertain economic and political climate, we see a need to address the market for non-material gifts of time and personal service. Ticlr allows individuals, groups and businesses to creatively communicate feelings of gratitude, forms of incentives, and to motivate behaviors with a simple 'tickle.'"

Ticlr is live at and registration is simple. The service is free -- users only pay for gifts if they choose a gift that requires money to purchase or deliver.

About Ticlr

Ticlr ( is a Massachusetts-based company that has created a gift-giving engine designed to make gifting easier and more meaningful. Ticlr's Public Gift Locker and Tickle messaging service help people easily find and create unique gifts, thereby reducing the stress and anxiety typically associated with gift-giving.

No matter what kind of gift you need -- whether to celebrate a special occasion, incent and motivate people, mend a relationship, or make a charitable donation -- Ticlr takes the stress out of giving... and makes gifting more joyful for those who give and receive.

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