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April 23, 2009 02:00 ET

New Software Developments

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                        National Milk Records plc ('NMR' or 'the Company')
                                     New Software Developments

National  Milk  Records  plc, the PLUS-quoted supplier of milk services, is  launching  a  new  £1
million  software system designed to change the Company's business processes and further  optimise
its  data  collection  capabilities.  The new system, Thor,  will  provide  farmers  with  a  more
efficient  and  accurate service, modernise NMR's technological infrastructure and strengthen  the
Company's position as the acknowledged market leader in the provision of dairy herd information in
the UK.

NMR  provides  management  information on individual cow's milk quality,  performance,  yield  and
breeding  potential by analysing the milk in one of its three laboratories.  The  existing  system
matches  the data collected on farm regarding yields and events within the herd such as  calvings,
culls, AI and veterinary treatments, and validates this against a central database.  Thor will add
significant value to the service by enhancing the speed in which accurate information is  reported
to  the dairy farmer by effectively taking the NMR office to the farmer and delivering information
on site.

The software also has the capacity to record a more complete suite of information on items related
to farm management and legislation to allow the farmer to take advantage of new research into herd
health, and to comply with legislation.

NMR  Managing Director Andy Warne said, "We want to maintain our position as the leading  provider
of  dairy  services in the UK and this unique software, tailored with our ongoing requirements  in
mind,  will  further aid our strategic expansion by providing our customers with a more  efficient
and  personalised  service.  The level of in-house investment into the system is  significant  and
underlines our ongoing confidence in the quality of the products and services that NMR offers."

The directors of the Company accept responsibility for this announcement.


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Duncan Vasey                       St Helen's Capital Plc                 Tel: +44 (0) 20 7628 5582
Hugo de Salis                      St Brides Media & Finance Ltd          Tel: +44 (0) 20 7236 1177
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National  Milk  Records  Plc  is  a PLUS-quoted supplier of milk recording  services  in  the  UK,
providing  management information on individual cow's performance in terms of milk quality,  yield
and  fertility.  The Company is acknowledged by the industry as the market leader in the provision
and support of dairy software in the UK and supply aggregate data to over 35 dairy industry bodies
including milk buyers, MDC Evaluations and breed societies.

The  Company  has two wholly owned subsidiaries, National Milk Laboratories ('NML')  and  National
Livestock  Records  ('NLR') which expand the Company's reach across various  areas  of  the  dairy

NML provides testing to all of the major UK milk buyers and has long term contracts with Sainsbury
Plc  and  Tesco  Plc.  The subsidiary is able to capitalise on current legislation governing  food
production  and hygiene by testing bulk milk samples in its three laboratories based in Harrogate,
Glasgow  and Wolverhampton.  The Company provides a wide range of analysis which helps to  provide
aggregate  data  of  value  to vets, research and educational organisations,  feed  producers  and
equipment manufacturers.

NLR  is  two dimensional, deriving revenue through the distribution of ear tags to dairy and  beef
cattle,  collection of data for sheep breed societies, RFID traceability through the abattoir  and
ultra-sound  scanning of muscle and back-fat for sheep and cattle breeders.   The  EU  legislation
being introduced will govern the 33.1 million sheep in the UK and provide NLR with the opportunity
to extend its reach in the agricultural sector.

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