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October 01, 2009 22:00 ET

New Software Streamlines Hadoop Job Development and Debugging

Desktop Environment Makes MapReduce Application Development and Debugging Easier for Private Clusters, Public Clouds and Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - October 1, 2009) - Karmasphere, a developer of software to ease development, deployment and debugging of distributed and cloud computing programming jobs, announces today the beta availability of its Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop™. Karmasphere Studio is a desktop-based development environment that supports all distributions of Hadoop and Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Karmasphere integration and management capabilities will be on display on during Hadoop World on October 2nd in New York City.

Karmasphere Studio for Apache Hadoop provides a graphical development environment specifically designed for large-scale data processing jobs using Hadoop's MapReduce. MapReduce is a programming model and software framework for writing applications that rapidly process vast amounts of data in parallel on large clusters of compute nodes.

By providing a graphical environment for MapReduce application developers, Karmasphere Studio enables prototyping of a Hadoop job without the need for a physical or virtual cluster. When prototyping is complete, jobs can be easily deployed to private clusters or to Amazon's Elastic MapReduce. To ensure insight into the distributed environment, Karmasphere Studio also incorporates real-time debugging of Hadoop jobs running in the cluster, whether or not they were developed and deployed with Karmasphere Studio.

"Hadoop can be challenging to get started with and is notoriously hard to debug," said Martin Hall, Karmasphere CEO and Founder. "We want to help companies overcome those challenges, reduce development costs and maximize developer and data analyst productivity. Our product provides the 'minimal-click' mechanisms to pinpoint and fix Hadoop job issues as they occur in prototypes or while running on Amazon Elastic MapReduce."

Karmasphere Studio works with Amazon Elastic MapReduce, popular Hadoop software distributions from The Apache Foundation, Cloudera as well as and Yahoo!. It runs under NetBeans and operates on Linux, Mac OS or Microsoft Windows. In addition, it supports local and networked file systems, including Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Amazon S3, works with all versions of Hadoop and is uniquely capable of working with remote clusters through firewalls.

"Many have realized the benefits of Hadoop so we are pleased that companies like Karmasphere are enabling GUI-based development and debugging on the Elastic MapReduce Platform to make the process easier for customers," said Steve Rabuchin, General Manager of Developer Relations and Business Development for Amazon Web Services.

By building a variety of MapReduce developer capabilities into one graphical desktop product, Karmasphere Studio is able to locate any individual or multiple fragments within a computing job that have that they can be rerun efficiently without impacting the overall completion of the job. The graphical interface also enables fragments to be connected and ensures enough abstraction from the Hadoop interactions to maximize productivity while still keeping the developer closely tied to the application itself.

A beta version of Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop™ is now available for free download by going to Amazon Elastic Map Reduce and Amazon S3 products are sold separately.

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