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February 14, 2009 05:04 ET

New Song of Solomon Based Novella in Verse Ready for Publication

Manikato: "Only the lover Can Know God," a New Novella by Philip Dickenson Peters, Author of the Caribbean Zen, Caribbean Oracle and Caribbean WOW 2.0 Trilogy, Now Published as an eBook by House of Zagada (HOZ) -- Valentine's Day to June Campaign Launched

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - February 14, 2009) - House of Zagada(HOZ) announced today the publication of the highly anticipated novella in verse, Manikato: "only the lover can know God" by Philip Dickenson Peters. It is Peters' fourth book under the HOZ imprint. The novella is a contemporary interpretation of the Old Testament's Song of Solomon-Song of Song restaged in a tropical Caribbean setting.

The name Manikato is derived from the Neo-Taino Arawak Caribbean culture. It represents the word shouted by the bride and groom and their celebrating party the moment after consummation of the marriage.

The novella captures the fire in the hearts of two lovers who yearn deeply and are preparing to make a lifetime commitment as two souls interlocked. Three narratives define Manikato -- the text, driven by the moving dialogue between lover and beloved; the footnotes, which introduces unique words, concepts and images deeply imbedded in West Indian civilization; and the Caribbean island setting staged as a geographic-person rather than merely a contextual backdrop. The body of the novella represents a patient line-by-line, sentence-by-sentence distillation and retelling of the ancient text, which dates back to the ninth century BCE.

"I used the Revised Standard Version as my base," Peters said, "together with a wide range of interviews, access to historical, literary and contemporary documents and articles were read, to give me a deeper understanding and perspective of the cultural setting in which the original poem was written," he concluded.

In the original biblical allegory, a mysterious lover -- perhaps that of awe struck Solomon himself -- is wooed by a Shulamite woman from the village of Shulem. In Peter' Manikato novella, the main characters -- lover and beloved become anyone from anywhere who embraces what the author calls "the Manikato path."

MANIKATO: "Only the Lover can Know God" will be available for sale on Tuesday, February 17th in eBook format from the website Chapter One and the introductory section of the book are now immediately available as Free downloads. The book will be subsequently sold through digital distributors, and as hardcover and paperbacks in coming months.

About the Author

Philip Dickenson Peters is author, researcher, and developer of new business development and executive transformation models. His thinking intersects with creativity, economics and spiritual philosophy. He has added fifteen new words and terms to the contemporary lexicon. He is the author of the trilogy Caribbean Zen, Caribbean Oracles and Caribbean WOW 2.0. He is writer and editor of nine global research reports, two White Papers -- the Tig Protocol and DigitalGNP -- and edits his company's blog. Philip is CEO of Zagada Markets, found on the web at

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House of Zagada (HOZ) is the creative publishing imprint of Zagada Markets under which executives publish their creative projects.

Zagada is a business development analytics firm. The company provides research, indexes, rating and tailor-made advisory services on countries, cities and service suppliers to corporations. The company principally serves the corporate buy-side and is totally focused on delivering sourcing analytics on the service globalization outsourcing sector. In addition to its ZAWA indices the company's ZaXURS CURS rating engine is the markets' first quantitative model -- driven rating solution for contact centers Business Process Outsourcing and IT Outsourcing firms. Please visit Zagada on the web at and its blog at

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