October 10, 2011 17:21 ET

New SproutNOVA All-Science Ad Network Benefits Writers, Advertisers and Science News-Seekers

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Oct 10, 2011) - Today marks the launch of the new SproutNOVA ad network, an all-science advertising network benefitting industry researchers, laboratory technicians, students and academics, by bringing them closer to the science and laboratory tools and equipment they use. Likewise, advertisers and website owners within the advertising network now get the benefit of reaching a large, widespread audience while staying within highly-focused content categories.

Outlier Solutions, Inc. launched the SproutNOVA life science ad network ( in collaboration with social networking site and creator Brian Kruger, Ph.D. ( was created to help spread news among science professionals with the main goal of increasing online collaboration. The mission proved a good match with Outlier's desire to provide information about top-tier products to the scientific community. The SproutNOVA network gives science writers and scientific equipment suppliers and manufacturers a convenient way to find each other.

The Portland marketing agency ( joined the SproutNOVA network via its site ( gathers science and industry news, announcements, and industry product release information from both private and public sectors and today has a growing list of more than 100 industry users.

Science content site owners and science bloggers benefit from the network as well, receiving 50-percent of ad revenue based upon ad impressions. A more popular post equals more money earned by the writer. Advertisers like the network because they are able to maintain complete control over ad campaigns, including daily spend rate and where ads will appear on the site.

About SproutNOVA
SproutNOVA is an all-science ad network born from collaboration between two companies wanting to bridge the gap between highly talented science writers and the top tier products used in scientific research. Our audience is diverse, ranging from undergraduates to technicians and spanning Ph.Ds from all industries.

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