April 28, 2016 08:00 ET

New Streetwear Brand "FREQ" Changing Vibrations One Garment at a Time

TAOS, NM--(Marketwired - Apr 28, 2016) - FREQ, short for "frequency" came to CEO Nathan Pellerin on a hike in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico. When one attunes themselves to the vibrational frequency of their desires, it is Universal Law that the desire becomes manifest. Pellerin spent almost a full year visualizing ways to encapsulate this inspired message. And then it happened, he found that the best way to share this message was to wear it. The reason for this is simple. Those that wear FREQ and those that see FREQ being worn by someone else are receiving equal benefit from the message. FREQ is also responsibly sourced and a good portion of the products use water based and eco-friendly inks.

Nathan and his wife Jennifer run the company 444 Creations, LLC together in the majestic mountains of Taos, New Mexico. "It really is a great conversation piece", states Jennifer who heads up the Sales and Marketing Department. Jennifer states that "Most people just get the idea of frequency, but when they don't, explaining how it all works seems to light them up and inspiring others is the best feeling."

FREQ is a bold and vibrant streetwear brand that transcends normal fashion. It is fashion with purpose. Wearing this streetwear will bring an inspired focus and inclusive culture for individuals achieving their aspirations within the global community. In other words, FREQ will have so many people achieving their goals and dreams. This means that there will be a wave of happiness from surfers, teachers, life coaches, fitness experts, actors, artists, musicians, skateboarders, world travelers, martial artists, athletes, financial wizards, snowboarders and so much more. FREQ is like wearing a badge of honor. It gives one permission to take that leap, make that decision, achieve, and believe.

There are many names and faces that we all recognize in the realm of personal achievement. Michael Beckwith, Esther "Abraham" Hicks, John Assaraf, Tony Robbins, and Bob Proctor to name a few, are among the highest achievers in their field of expertise. One thing they all share is the belief in this Universal Law of Attraction. They are the living proof that this awareness does in fact create the realities that we live in. Nathan Pellerin made the decision on August 24, 2015 to attend a Bob Proctor seminar. Upon his return, within one month he took this goal of FREQ to the next level and it is now his living reality. 

Throughout this process opportunities are presented on a daily basis in support of this message. For instance, back in Pellerin's early high school days, he attended Burke Mountain Academy where he became a champion ski racer and was sponsored. Now it is Nathan's turn to sponsor a gold medal winner. Chris Oschwald was introduced to snowboarding at very young age. He is now thirty-four and some say past his prime. His goal was to place first at this year's Nationals at Copper Mountain in April. He won the gold medal in the Master Men's Division for Slopestyle. And, he's not stopping at that. His next goal involves the Olympics. His passion for excellence and love for what he does is the kind of inspiration that embodies the message of FREQ. HowdoyouFREQ?

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