SOURCE: Pharmics

September 23, 2013 19:44 ET

New Studies Prove Liquid Iron Supplements to Be Beneficial Addition to Expectant Mothers' Regimens

Vitamin Supplier Pharmics Offers Products Proven to Aid in a Lowered Risk of Birth Defects; The Online Store Provides Several Product Items to Aid in Health and Comfort During Pregnancy

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Sep 23, 2013) - A woman's health is crucial during pregnancy -- the nutrients she ingests are also taken in by her baby. There are many ways for women to get the proper nutrition, but the most effective and efficient remains the multivitamin. Online supplier of health resources Pharmics has long been a leader in the distribution of prenatal vitamins with DHA as well as nursing cups for painless breastfeeding. The online company supplies expectant mothers with liquid iron supplements -- preferred for their quick absorption and ease on upset stomachs -- and recent studies have proven that the nutrient is absolutely beneficial to health of mothers and their unborn children.

According to a recent study by Nature World News, the intake of the nutrient reduces the risk of mothers giving birth to a child suffering from low birth weight. Low birth weight (categorized as less than 5.5 lbs at birth) can lead to many physical and mental problems later on in a child's life, including delayed development of both social and motor skills. In order to aid in both mother and child's pre- and post-birth nutrition, Pharmics offers several nutritional solutions, including prenatal vitamins with DHA and nursing cups for painless breastfeeding. Pharmics also supplies liquid iron supplements which, according to the study, have been proven to improve birth weight and women's blood health. Anemia, a condition which results in too few healthy red blood cells, is a serious blood disorder that affects many women. The risk of becoming anemic increases greatly during pregnancy -- especially for women with vegetarian or vegan diets. Many expectant mothers find that attaining enough iron to support themselves as well as their baby can be difficult. Pharmics provides an efficient method to ingest the mineral in its richest and most condensed form. Stomach issues are also common during pregnancy, and one benefit of the nutrient in liquid form is its easy digestion. The mineral is digested quickly and easily while being gentle on sensitive stomachs.

Pharmics is most well known for their affordable nutrients for expectant mothers, such as prenatal vitamins with DHA, which reduce the risk of autism is newborns. However, the online nutrition company also provides products that aid mothers' health and comfort post-birth. Pharmics' nursing cups have been proven to afford women the most painless breastfeeding experience possible, and the company also provides solutions for losing baby weight after giving birth. All of Pharmics' nutritional solutions and comfort aids for pregnant women are available online in one location for a convenient, one-stop shopping experience. With so many solutions for a pleasant pregnancy, it's no wonder that women from all over the world flock to Pharmics as their online supplement resource. The affordable prices and quality products keep women coming back time and time again.

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