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October 11, 2011 09:00 ET

New Study Finds Real-Time Content Optimization Can Measurably Improve Audience Reach and Engagement

In One Example, Online Retailer Sees 27% Increase in Search Traffic and 17% Increase in Conversion to Sale via Real-Time Optimization

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 11, 2011) - Leveraging real-time search and social intelligence during the content creation process can dramatically improve content reach and engagement, according to a new research study authored by a trio of online marketing and social media experts: Bryan Eisenberg, Jay Baer and Pelin Thorogood.

The free study, called "The Impact of Real-Time Content Optimization: Does Access to Search and Social Intelligence Make You a Better Writer?", is the first study of its kind to examine the impact of using search engine and social media data in the writing process to create more effective and engaging online content.

Eightfold Logic, Inc., the creator of InboundWriter, a real-time content optimization service, sponsored the report, which is available for free at

Highlights of the study include:

  •, an online toy retailer, boosted search engine traffic by 27 percent, and conversion to sale by 17 percent on product pages that were optimized with search data via InboundWriter. Paid search impressions, meanwhile, rose 45 percent without any additional increases in spend, which the authors attributed to a higher Google Adwords Quality Score. Finally, time spent on pages rose 153 percent.

  • Social media expert Jay Baer, of Convince & Convert, saw traffic to five blog posts that were rewritten with InboundWriter increase 33 percent compared to the 30 days prior to the rewrite. In addition, six of seven new blog posts created using InboundWriter garnered Top 10 Google rankings within two days of publication for targeted terms.

  • LinkOrbit, a blog network, increased time spent on site for two new web site domains by 112 percent -- compared to two control domains -- by adding optimized content over a period of four weeks. The company also saw a 50 percent increase in page views per visit for the optimized domains.

"'Speak to the dog, in the language of the dog, about what matters to the heart of a dog' was a metaphor I used in my first book 'Persuasive Online Copywriting' to explain the value of writing using your customers' words and providing relevant content," said Bryan Eisenberg, a best-selling author and expert in improving online conversion rates. "For the first time, we have a direct study that clearly shows the value of leveraging real-time search and social intelligence during the content creation process, as opposed to in separate steps or not at all. InboundWriter enables writers to speak to the hearts of their customers."

Study Methodology
The study was completed over a seven-week period from August 1 to Sept. 19, 2011. The first step was to determine the type of content to be optimized for each participant, such as blogs vs. web site copy. The authors then established both performance metrics and benchmarks for each of those metrics. Finally, the authors worked with each participant to improve their content using InboundWriter, while monitoring the performance metrics throughout the study period.

"Most writers don't think in terms of SEO during the content creation process," said Pelin Thorogood, a managing partner in Schulman + Thorogood Group, a business strategy consulting group. "One of our most revealing findings is how the participants quickly changed their approach to the content creation process once they had easy access to words their readers use while searching or sharing, along with real-time guidance on how to best structure their content for online visibility."

"The results speak for themselves," said Brian Gordon, president of "One of the things we learned over the last two months is the importance of focusing our site content on the words and phrases our customers actually use on the social web. The best part was how easy it was: InboundWriter coached us through the content creation process for each page as we observed in real-time how different writing strategies impacted our potential visibility within search engines. It is now part of our regular content creation workflow."

To download a free copy of "The Impact of Real-Time Content Optimization," please visit

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