April 21, 2016 11:40 ET

New Study Finds That Ecommerce Deal Volume Is Down, but Deal Size Is 3x Higher

A New Study From RJMetrics and Mattermark, the Ecommerce Investor Report, Explores Trends in Ecommerce Venture Capital and the Metrics Investors Should Be Watching

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - Apr 21, 2016) - A new study released by RJMetrics and Mattermark provides rich insights on the state of ecommerce investment. Data from Mattermark shows that while ecommerce deal volume has dropped from 731 deals in 2013 to 68 so far in 2016, deal sizes are getting larger. 2016 has seen a median deal size of $9.4M, much larger than the $3M median from 2013.

"Investors are still willing to write checks to ecommerce founders," says Dawn Poulos, VP of Marketing at Mattermark, "Just to fewer companies. This report shows the KPIs and patterns that discerning investor should be looking for."

Data from RJMetrics identifies those KPIs and provides insight in the patterns indicating a company's potential. Highlights from the research include:

  • Top ecommerce companies generate 9x more revenue during their first three years in business.
  • This revenue performance is driven by superior customer acquisition, 2.5x more customers after three years in business, paired with retention rates that remain stable during periods of rapid growth.
  • Loyal customers (4+ purchases) spend over 15% more on their first order than the average.
  • After three years, top quartile companies have 13.4k loyal customers, nearly 5k more than the other three quartiles combined.

"Success in ecommerce has always relied on the ability to retain existing customers during periods of rapid customer acquisition," says RJMetrics CEO, Robert J. Moore. "The data in this report shows just how critical that balance is and shares the analyses that every investor should explore as part of their due diligence."

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