August 16, 2013 03:30 ET

New Study Shows Shorter Commutes Increase Employee Productivity

- 69% of respondents believed that they are more productive as a result of their shorter commute

- 73% revealed that they travel to work for as little as half an hour

- Although 72% are happy with their current commuting distance, 70% are willing to travel more than half an hour further for their dream job

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Aug. 16, 2013) - According to new research carried out by global property and business space provider, Goodman, employee happiness is linked to commute times, location and environment of work sites.

The survey showed that employees are most productive when their commute time is shorter, and with 73% of participants saying their journey to work lasted no longer than half an hour, workforces appear positively efficient.

With that said, 70% are prepared to travel more than half an hour further for their dream job despite the risk to their overall wellbeing.

Although 79% confirmed that their employer did not operate a travel plan, 72% believed that companies should help find ways to ease the difficulties of their employees' commute.

Full time employees commit to an average of 2,000 hours per year to their work life, and commuters travelling longer distances are likely to add a further 500 hours to this.

The research also found that although 74% of people weren't offered a work from home scheme, just over half of the people surveyed believed their productivity would increase if they could work from home one or more days per week.

A spokesperson from Goodman commented: "One of the biggest impacts on working life is the distance travelled between the worksite and home. Not only does landscape, surroundings and environment play a part in productivity but commuting time does too. We make every effort to ensure we take care of all of the above so that productivity and employee satisfaction, for the businesses that use our parks, are at an all time high."

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Goodman business parks are home to 300 companies across their 26 venues. Focusing on a thriving business community, they'll take into consideration office location, environment and transport links when finding their clients with business space solutions.

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