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October 01, 2012 09:00 ET

New Sysomos Report Offers Tips for Finding and Attracting Social Media Influencers

Digital Word-of-Mouth Helps Companies Improve Brand Recognition, Expand Customer Base and Drive Sales

TORONTO--(Marketwire - Oct 1, 2012) - People have always trusted word-of-mouth for leading them to the best buy. Today, that trust has turned to digital channels as social media influencers -- individuals who have garnered online credibility in specific areas of expertise -- drive brand recognition and sway purchasing decisions. Many consumers and business buyers now turn first to these authority figures for advice before they make any type of purchase. Sysomos just published a new report to help organizations identify and attract social media influencers for their own brands and products. "How to Get Social Media Influencers Talking about You" offers six tips for finding the right influencers and "getting them talking"; it features straightforward examples and how-to strategies that companies can put into action immediately.

Report Highlights

  • Don't just rely on big-name influencers -- sometimes up-and-comers will have more incentive to mention something new and cool.
  • People are most influenced by what their friends and family do and like and less by the likes and actions of celebrities.
  • Recognize and reward influencers with special content, deals and offers.
  • Online influence is a two-way street -- brands need to do their part to promote the credibility of their influencers and not just the other way around.
  • Influencer behavior is not the same on every social platform -- tactics must be tailored to the unique ways people use each platform.


"How to Get Social Media Influencers Talking about You" is the first in a series of Sysomos Tip Sheets published through the end of 2012 to help marketers leverage social media monitoring to advance their businesses. Upcoming reports are "8 Ways to Builds Your Brand with Social Media," "How to Generate leads through the Social Web," "Buzz Tracking: Effective Social Media Measurement" and "How to Discover if Your Social Media Followers are Legitimate."

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