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October 13, 2014 23:10 ET

New Targeted Cancer Chemotherapy by Envita Medical Center and Founder Dr. Dino Prato

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - Oct 13, 2014) -  Many types of cancers and chronic diseases have traditionally been difficult to treat. Chronic Lyme disease, late-stage cancers, and other chronic illnesses are often resistant to conventional medical procedures such as chemotherapy and antibiotic treatments. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Dino Prato, the Envita Medical Center is on the forefront of research based treatment innovations. Using the latest therapy approaches from around the world, the Center has an astonishing history of treating complex and difficult diseases. In the last 15 years, Dr. Prato and Envita have been perfecting unique, proprietary treatment options based on a more comprehensive and highly personalized diagnosis. Dr. Dino Prato states, "Today's diagnosis are not detailed enough only giving general pathology information to the patient, when you look deeper -- genetics, epigenetics, immunity, nutritional deficiencies, carcinogens etc. -- tests become much more thorough and you begin to find the key factors to really improve treatment."

One of the innovative methods used by the experienced and competent medical team at Envita is the genetically targeted fractionated chemotherapy known as GTFC. Using extremely precise genetic diagnosis and molecular profiling, a micro dose of fractionated chemotherapy agent is chosen to attack the specific tumor genetics of each individual patient. "No two cancers have the same genetics, so why give every cancer patient the same chemotherapy regimen?" Dr. Prato explains. "Patients with the same exact cancer types and staging often respond completely differently to treatment because of key genetic and molecular variation." Dr. Prato and colleagues have found that up to 75-80% of patients were on ineffective or incorrect treatments when they first came to Envita. He is hopeful that in the future, all cancer treatments will take advantage of this highly personalized and genetic drug selection for chemotherapy and immunotherapy options for patients. 

The uniqueness and effectiveness of Envita's treatment lies in its exceptionally high level of personalization in all aspects of patient care -- from proprietary immunotherapy treatments, to intravenous targeted nutrition, to targeting the elimination of epigenetic factors called carcinogens. Dr. Prato explains, "It takes the best treatments from all over the world combined onto each person in highly personalized manner to make sure the patient receives the best possible outcome." Using molecular profiling in order to find the ideal chemotherapy agents, genetically targeted fractionated chemotherapy means lower treatment dosages of multiple highly targeted drugs increasing the number of tumor killing mechanisms while significantly lowering side effects for patients. This in turn aims to reduce resistance, enhance the method of tumor elimination, and improve the overall treatment results. The method significantly expands the options available to a patient by allowing for a match between the targeted chemotherapy and patient's unique cancer medical blueprint. Receiving the correct, targeted treatment as soon as possible and re-establishing the patient's immune system are critical to a beneficial outcome, and medical staff at Envita Medical Center are passionately determined to help each and every patient improve not only their health, but also their general well-being.

At the age of 19, Dr. Dino Prato watched a close family member pass away from cancer. He witnessed how she found more help by consulting a few natural doctors than she did on the conventional side of medicine. This experience turned out to be the germination of the idea behind Envita Medical Center, which was founded in 2001, initially named the Natural Medical Centers of Arizona. Over a decade later, Envita maintains a state-of-the-art center in North Scottsdale, Arizona, and a biological research and treatment facility in Hermosillo, Mexico, at Cima Hospital. Dr. Prato and his staff have never been more results-oriented and focused on caring for each patient with utmost compassion. Their medical staff, as well as the treatment options available to them, have grown to include the best of both conventional and advanced natural medicine from all over the world. 

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