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September 10, 2015 13:37 ET

New Targeted Chemotherapy Introduced by Dr. Dino Prato and Envita Medical Center

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - September 10, 2015) - As much as 75-80% of late stage cancer patients can be on ineffective or incorrect chemotherapeutic drugs according to Envita Medical Center’s founder Dr. Dino Prato. Because of this, Envita has released a peer reviewed study on the benefits of a highly targeted type of chemotherapy regimen called GTFC. The paper is called, “Genetically Targeted Fractionated Chemotherapy,” and it is published in the Journal of Cancer Therapy (click here to view the paper). Dr. Dino Prato and colleagues, the authors, focus on the different biomarkers that potentially drive better targeted treatment, and even supply a graph of molecular profiles and what chemotherapeutic agents may work best for particular biomarkers.

Essentially, cancer treatment is getting an overhaul, and it’s all driven by biomarkers, which are described as “molecular signatures that have characteristics identified by the levels or activities of genes, and other features associated with the cancer cells.” As a result, the entire GTFC concept is centered on analyzing the molecular profiles of each individual patient. According to the study, “The ability to delineate which drug can be used during chemotherapy from the analysis of molecular profiles through biomarkers is a significant improvement from the conventional method associated with treating the cancer by type and subtype; however, depending on the medication selected, one has the potential to further enhance the effects of cancer treatment by various factors.” Instead of the maximum dose method that is used in conventional chemotherapy, which can be harmful and limit the number of agents used, GTFC works with the immune system by minimizing side effects through micro dosing or metronomic dosing, and this allows many more agents to be used.

When it comes to testing for biomarkers, Envita prefers looking at circulating tumor cells, which contain the most up to date information when it comes to matching biomarkers to treatment. It should be noted that many cancer centers, on the other hand, use old biopsy information for their testing methods, which is not as effective. Other biomarkers that are analyzed include Chromosome Based Biomarkers, Genetic Biomarkers (mutations), Epigenetic Biomarkers, Cancer Antigens as Biomarkers, and Metabolic Biomarkers Glucose metabolism.

Modern oncology is rapidly moving to targeted treatment options as a better answer for patients. Envita’s focus in particular is on personalized care that utilizes superior targeting as well as minimizes the amount of residual damage to patients. It is the opinion of Dr. Dino Prato and Envita Medical Center that GTFC may be a perfectly viable option for cancer patients and should be considered.

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