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November 12, 2007 08:52 ET

New TeamPage Version Is First Wiki to Match Linking and Moderation With Enterprise 2.0 Realities

TeamPage Introduces Page Name History and Cross-Wiki Name Aliasing; Easy Linking GUI; and Page/Comment Moderation; Enables Collaboration 'at the Edge'

PROVIDENCE, RI--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - Traction® Software, the leading developer of products for secure, scalable, web-based collaboration, today announced the latest version of TeamPage™, Traction's award-winning enterprise blog and wiki software.

"As the leading enterprise wiki, TeamPage is known as one of the easiest collaboration platforms to use, but our customers wanted to extend their deployments to make Traction a central knowledge repository that can handle flexible collaboration with external as well as internal stakeholders," said Greg Lloyd, president and founder of Traction Software. "They challenged us to further improve ease of use, scalability, management and the real need for Enterprise 2.0 collaboration 'at the edge' -- with customers, supply chain partners, sales partners, legal and other professionals -- as well within the core of the enterprise. We're extremely proud to have met this challenge."

TeamPage 3.8 brings new levels of ease of use to linking, moderation, and cross-organizational collaboration, matching Enterprise 2.0 requirements when deploying wikis of any size. TeamPage can now show the 'latest stable version' of wiki pages without inhibiting the ability to edit collaboratively and reach consensus, taking the pain out of refactoring and sharing pages across wiki project spaces, and making it easier to follow compliance requirements and do blog-style communication in the same space and context as wiki-style page editing.

Traction TeamPage Release 3.8 will be available for preview use this month and will ship in the fourth quarter of 2007.

About the New TeamPage:

--  Links are the heart and soul of wikis, and this new TeamPage makes
    linking accessible to non-techies and techies alike. Traction now offers
    the easiest, most intuitive GUI for making forward links to new content as
    well as links to existing content or external sites. The same GUI also
    makes it simple to link to Traction "sections" and other label/tag driven
    views and link to files attached to article pages or stored in Traction's
    built in web share folders.
--  Users now have a place to look when they discover that a new page has
    taken over an old page's name. Traction will introduce the first forward
    linking feature set with full referential integrity, name aliasing and
    cross-wiki project name aliasing, all combined with page name history (in
    addition to page content history).
--  TeamPage project spaces now support integrated blog and wiki style
    collaboration using a combined name space, or can enforce a wiki style
    unique name space in any or all projects.
--  Collaborate while keeping the "latest stable" version visible. During
    the often knotty process of refactoring a wiki -- which may require
    performing a set of related edits over many pages -- authors can
    collaborate on changes over time without disturbing the "latest stable"
    view of the wiki. Page changes can be published later, when all the pages
    are ready -- or have been reviewed and approved. Authors can see, search
    and review the combined effect of all drafts for collaboration, or flip
    back to see and use the latest stable view of all pages. New permissions
    allow control over who can publish drafts, edit drafts, read drafts and
    even lock pages.

About Traction® TeamPage™

Traction TeamPage was named InfoWorld Magazine's 2007 Enterprise Wiki of the Year. The product combines wiki style group editing, the simplicity of a blog, and a unique model for commenting and secure, scalable collaboration. Global 1000 and government customers deploy TeamPage for business-critical applications including product development, management issue tracking, marketing, competitive intelligence, and sales force communication. TeamPage gives businesses the ability to collaboratively create and share valuable information such as market research, competitive intelligence, corporate communications, product plans, and business development resources. Traction TeamPage plugs into a company's existing infrastructure or operates stand-alone on an intranet or extranet.

About Traction Software

Traction Software provides business and government organizations with enterprise software that allows groups and teams to communicate more effectively. Traction's easy to use TeamPage™ software creates a secure communications hub for business information and working communications that collects, organizes, links and shares sources of information in context over time. Traction Software has been named one of the 100 Companies that Matter by KMWorld and is a winner of the RedHerring 100 and eContent 100 awards. The company distributes its products directly and through global partners. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Traction Software is a privately held corporation with financing from investors including In-Q-Tel and Slater Interactive. For additional information, visit Traction at

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