SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

August 22, 2007 11:30 ET

New Technology Keeps Businesses Driving Down the Road to Success

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - August 22, 2007) - Many of us have cruise control in our cars. Cruise control automatically keeps the car running at a constant speed. If the road goes uphill, cruise control gives the engine more gas; if the road goes downhill, it eases off. And now, through the next generation in defragmentation software, a similar technology is available for our servers and workstations -- regulating consistent file system performance at all times.

Now, what exactly is defragmentation? To understand, we must first identify its opposite -- fragmentation. Fragmentation can be defined as whole files that are broken up in to numerous pieces and scattered to various locations on the hard drive. Fragmentation also occurs through the wiping out of continuous free space across the hard drive. Although unknown to some, fragmentation builds up our systems every single time we use them, gradually slowing them down and, sometimes, even causing them to freeze completely.

What can be done about fragmentation? Here's where the latest in defragmentation software technology comes into play.

In the past, defrag software had to be scheduled, which was similar to putting a brick on a car accelerator -- merely offering a dose of defragmentation before returning the system back to its inevitability sluggish performance. A manual defragmenter, for example, runs as a stand-alone task. It takes resources and accesses the disk as needed regardless of other demands on the system, resulting in unacceptable file system performance. Its engine is not designed for background operation, so defragmentation jobs take an unacceptably long time. And because the built-in has no awareness of its environment, it cannot decide when it needs to run.

On the other hand, today's defrag software such as Diskeeper 2007 by Diskeeper Corporation (, with its new breakthrough InvisiTasking™ technology is truly automatic and rids your computers of fragmentation on-the-fly as it occurs, while only using idle resources. Like a vehicle's cruise control, automatic defrag software works because it can adapt itself to the environment. A brick on the accelerator cannot. It will try to keep the same throttle position regardless of road conditions, meaning the car will almost always be moving too fast or too slow.

Most businesses face new challenges each day, but fragmentation doesn't have to be one of them. I invite you to visit a search engine, enter "automatic file system performance" in the search box and see for yourself. Install automatic defrag software and you'll soon find the file system performance of your servers and workstations at peak levels at all times.

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