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January 04, 2007 06:30 ET

New Thinking on Vascular Health

Supplement Promotes Healthy Veins, Finds Success Against Many Ailments

LAFAYETTE, LA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 4, 2007 -- Vascutin, a new nutritional supplement aimed at increasing circulation, is offering some new thinking on some old health problems. By increasing nutrients directly to veins, the creators of Vascutin have offered dramatic effects for those with various vascular-linked conditions.

"So many complications are connected to your vascular system," said Gerard Fournet, the pharmacist that created Vascutin. "And when your body can't get the nutrients it needs, you'll get more complications and you won't have much hope of recovery."

Vascutin, which is now offered at, provides the body with elastin, a substance that gives elasticity to veins and arteries. Although originally created for leg pain from varicose veins, Vascutin is proving useful for other vascular afflictions as well.

"I was having bad circulation in my leg," said John Smity of Opelousas, Louisiana. Smity said his poor circulation had reached a point that amputation was on the horizon. That's when he decided to take a friend's advice.

"I started taking Vascutin," said Smity. "Within two weeks, the blood flow in my leg had increased." His leg was saved. Both Smity and his wife now regularly take Vascutin, and he continues to recommend it to family and friends.

According to the American Heart Association, over 71 million Americans suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease. Gerard Fournet believes those with diabetes, panlobular-emphysema, nosebleeds, leg pains, diabetes and any other circulatory related ailments, including those furthered by smoking, would benefit greatly from Vascutin.

And those already helped by the product agree.

"I had problems with varicose veins. My legs were hurting and veins showed all over," said Caroline Jackson, now a loyal user of Vascutin. "Several doctors prescribed medication that didn't work, but my pharmacist recommended Vascutin. I'm now pain-free, filled with energy, and have watched my veins fade away."

The broad uses of the product have even impressed its creator.

"The implications are tremendous," said Fournet. "Vascutin is saving limbs from amputation, helping diabetics with circulation and even supporting runners with leg pains -- it's all just amazing."

Vascutin has found success as an all-natural and safe alternative to expensive procedures. Customers worldwide are accommodated at 1-800-577-8311, and online at Both the website and the toll-free number offer information about better vascular health and the broad uses of Vascutin.

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