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January 05, 2011 11:00 ET

New TV Accessory Box From DarbeeVision Goes Beyond HD, Adding Remarkable Depth for Immersive Viewing Experience

On Display at CES 2011, New Video Enhancement Product Amplifies Image Realism With Fundamental Breakthrough

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - January 5, 2011) - With technologies like 3D poised to go mainstream, it is clear that the consumer appetite for improved viewing experiences is at an all-time high. With this in mind, DarbeeVision, Inc., a pioneer in the field of digital image enhancement, will be showcasing and providing demos of its new accessory box for the consumer electronics market -- the DarbeeVision Visual Presence Processing Box (Darbee Box) at CES 2011. The Darbee Box represents a level of immersive realism for home entertainment which has not yet been available to consumers.

"For consumers looking for the ultimate visual experience on their televisions, the Darbee Box is a must-have," noted Paul Darbee, DarbeeVision's founder and CEO. "Think back to the first time you experienced a really good surround sound set up. That visceral experience, the one that put a grin on your face, that is what we want to give the consumer. We really have nailed it, our images resonate with the viewer, because DarbeeVision technology takes into consideration how human vision evolved to perceive a 3D world. We've invented a practical solution in silicon, so that now it is possible to enjoy the amazing benefit that comes from embedding 3D depth cues into 2D images. The TV viewer using the Darbee Visual Presence Box will notice that objects appear to possess a strong sense of depth separation and roundness." 

DarbeeVision's unique approach delivers extremely life-like images that pop off the screen -- all without the need for 3D glasses. A simple black box positioned between the source and display of any home entertainment system, the Darbee Box will enhance the output of DVD, Blu-ray, video games, and media players as well as any digital broadcast -- on both standard and high-definition TVs. The Darbee Box is a plug-and-play unit that does not require tuning or calibration and has simple controls which are operated by a remote control.

DarbeeVision's proprietary technology takes pictures beyond what even the most perfect camera and display systems can produce. Taking into account what the human visual system does when images are viewed is the key to achieving the best images possible. The Darbee Box processes an image in the same way a human brain does and then by adding these results back into the original image, pictures take on new properties that are both unexpected and visually gratifying. Going beyond the limitations of optics and electronics and taking into account what the human visual system does when images are viewed, the Darbee Box achieves an extraordinary sense of realism and depth.

During CES, DarbeeVision will be conducting side by side demonstrations on two big screen HD TVs with one showing the original image and one showing the Darbee Box-enhanced image.

The expected availability date for the Darbee Box is Q1 of 2011. DarbeeVision's distributor for the home theater market in the Americas is Entertainment Experience Llc., creators of the world's first 3D multi-dimensional color technology, eeColor™.

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About DarbeeVision
DarbeeVision was founded by entrepreneur Paul Darbee, a seasoned industry veteran who pioneered the first preprogrammed universal remote control. In 1985, Darbee was one of the founders of Universal Electronics (NASDAQ: UEIC) and was awarded the first of numerous patents in universal remote control technology. Today he holds more than 40 patents with several more pending. In 2006, DarbeeVision was awarded a patent for its visual computing process known as Darbee Visual Presence™.

DarbeeVision's proven technology is suitable for a wide range of applications. The technology suite includes: Darbee Software™, a software application running on the CPU for still image processing; Darbee GPU Software™, a software application running on a CUDA enabled Nvidia GPU for real-time digital video processing; Darbee Box™, a CE accessory device based upon FPGA architecture for real-time digital video processing; and the Darbee IP Block™, a hardware IP block for licensing to be used in embedded applications.

The privately held company is headquartered in Anaheim, Calif. For further information call (714) 931-5941 or visit

All DarbeeVision™, Darbee™ patents, trademarks, copyrights and licensing are a product of DarbeeVision Inc. 

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