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September 17, 2008 13:14 ET

New Undelete 2009 Showcasing at Interop NY

Life Saver for System Administrators

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - September 17, 2008) - Diskeeper Corporation will be at Interop New York this week showcasing its newly released Undelete® 2009, providing real-time data protection and instant data recovery. Files that have been accidentally deleted or saved-over can cost corporations an inordinate amount of time and money. Undelete 2009 performs immediate restoration of files on desktops or servers invisibly, in the background, using Diskeeper Corporations' proprietary InvisiTasking® technology.

Diskeeper's innovative performance technology InvisiTasking, first introduced in Diskeeper® 2007, enables Undelete features to operate completely transparently. By dynamically detecting and allocating unused system resources, InvisiTasking allows Undelete to operate invisibly, eliminating IT overhead.

Undelete 2009 replaces the recycle bin with a powerful "Recovery Bin," which captures all data, even those files commonly missed by the basic Windows® recycle bin, including files that have been saved-over or deleted over a network. In addition, Undelete's real-time protection surpasses the occasional data protection provided by Windows Volume Shadow Copies, removing all gaps from the data protection strategy to ensure data is never lost. By protecting all files and providing means for instant recovery Undelete 2009 creates an indestructible data defense.

System Administrators recognize the potential danger of data loss and data threat. After conducting risk evaluation, identifying the cost of continuing without the data, recreating the data or notifying customers of a compromise, the costs associated with lost data can easily be in the thousands of dollars. The need for the most advanced and reliable protection is of the highest importance.

Undelete 2009 Key Features:

--  InvisiTasking technology performs product configuration operations in
    the background with zero overhead
--  SecureDelete® 2.0 now with Wipe Free Space, completely erases
    sensitive files and free space
--  Recovery Bin captures all deleted files, even files deleted by network
--  Search Disk allows users to seek and recover deleted files
--  Version Protection for Microsoft® Office Files provides instant
    recovery of earlier or saved-over versions of Word, Excel® and
    PowerPoint® files
--  Undelete Desktop Client permits end users to recover files across the
--  securely deletes files from the Recovery Bin immediately rather than
    waiting for the files to be purged
--  Emergency Undelete® recovers files deleted before installing

Undelete 2009 is now available in English, French and Japanese. More information is available at

About Diskeeper Corporation--Innovators in Performance and Reliability Technologies™:

With over 30 million licenses sold, home users to large corporations rely on Diskeeper software to provide unparalleled performance and reliability to their laptops, desktops and servers. Diskeeper Corporation further provides real-time data protection and real-time data recovery™ with Undelete.

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