November 14, 2006 05:00 ET

New uTANGO Loyalty Rewards Program Offers Consumers up to $1 Million Cash for Staying Married and Shopping With Program Merchants

First-of-Its-Kind Program Allows Singles, Engaged Couples and Newlyweds to Leverage Everyday Purchases With Top Retailers Such as and to Earn Extraordinary Cash Rewards

SEATTLE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 14, 2006 -- uTANGO today announced the first consumer loyalty and rewards program that allows singles, engaged couples and newlyweds to leverage a portion of their everyday spending to earn extraordinary cash rewards. uTANGO members can earn up to $250,000, $500,000 or $1 Million in return for becoming long-term, loyal customers of more than 200 participating merchants including, and

"Let's face it: consumers need help saving for their future," said uTANGO CEO Jim Miller. "The U.S. is a nation of spenders not savers and for most young couples their main concern is making sure they have enough money every month, let alone saving for the future. uTANGO is a radically different concept that rewards long-term personal and consumer loyalty, and allows young couples to accrue anywhere from $8,333 to $33,000 annually towards their Life-Stage Rewards payout."

Being a member of uTANGO means you are dedicated and unique; that you know the value that your loyalty brings to merchants and are ready to get properly rewarded for it. It also means you are part of a community of like-minded individuals who care about their financial future and are wisely leveraging their daily expenses to do something about it.

"The revolutionary thinking that uTANGO brings to loyalty marketing is exactly the type of innovation the loyalty industry needs to build long-term, meaningful relationships with customers," said Vice President, Sunil Bhatt. " has always viewed rewarding customer loyalty as a key ingredient to our collective success, and with all the Expedia, Inc. brands as the exclusive travel partners for the uTANGO program, we now have another vehicle by which our customers can be rewarded."

" is excited to work with uTANGO," said Jonathan Tinter, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Strategy. "The uTANGO concept is inventive and beneficial to consumers as they work toward acquiring rewards while they shop online."

Burdened by the rapidly increasing cost of living expenses, rising consumer debt and falling wages, many Americans find themselves unable to save for major life-stage expenses associated with buying a home, starting and raising a family, paying for college or saving for retirement. If fact, according to the latest government research, the U.S. personal savings rate is at minus 0.4 percent*, the lowest it has been since the Great Depression. And according to USA Today**, consumer households spent $41.6 billion more than they earned in 2005 and on average overspent their incomes by $575 in January 2006 alone.

uTANGO is a points accrual program that rewards members with TANGO Bucks for each dollar they spend with program merchants. Newlyweds married (0 - 3 years) can select between three Life-Stage Rewards Plans ($250K, $500K & $1 MM) and should select the level that fits within their budget. Once a married member has Selected, Locked and Activated a Life-Stage Rewards Plan, members must remain married throughout the program and maintain the minimum accrued TANGO Buck balance in their Life-Stage Rewards Plan account in order to receive cash payouts up to $10,000 at 10 years, $100,000 at 20 years and $1 Million at 30 years. In order to support the future reward distributions to uTANGO members the company has established the uTANGO Rewards Fund, which will invest in a fund managed by AllianceBernstein L.P., one of the largest publicly traded global asset management firms in the world.

In addition to receiving extraordinary Life-Stage rewards all members receive annual Anniversary Rewards of up to $200 for achieving their annual TANGO Buck goal. uTANGO also offers members a very unique and compelling Refer-A-Friend program whereby members can refer up to 500 new members and earn a $1,000 Referral Bonus for each new member they refer into the uTANGO program. This means members could add up to an additional $500,000 to their 30 year Life-Stage Reward payout.

uTANGO also includes a section called LifeMatters(SM), which provides expert advice on everything from relationships and personal finance, to health and wellness, family planning and other topics that help members strengthen their relationships and achieve personal success. Renowned Relationship Expert and uTANGO Advisory Board Member Dr. Pepper Schwartz provides relationship advice via a special section called Pepper's Corner.

"New marriages are under enormous pressure these days and more often than not, finances are listed as a reason for divorce in our society," said Dr. Schwartz. "uTANGO can help alleviate financial pressures and allow newlywed couples to worry less about their future."

"Having been married forty-eight years myself, I appreciate the unique and valuable offering uTANGO has developed," said Jack F. Kemp, former U.S. Congressman and uTANGO Advisory Board member. "Our society depends upon people who honor their commitments and it is exciting to see an enterprise with a social conscience like uTANGO deliver real, meaningful value to singles and engaged or newlywed couples as they seek to build their lives and ultimately their nest eggs."

Singles and engaged couples can also participate in the uTANGO program and leverage their everyday spending to accrue TANGO Bucks that will "pre-load" their Rewards Account towards their Life-Stage Rewards Plan once they get married. For instance, engaged members can leverage purchases related to planning their wedding (wedding rings, honeymoon travel, etc) to drive accelerated TANGO Buck accrual and give their account a boost as they start married life. Once married, they become eligible to select a Life-Stage Rewards Plan and immediately contribute ALL accrued TANGO Bucks toward their plan. This pre-loading can put them well down the path of qualifying for their Life-Stage Reward payouts.

Membership in uTANGO is free and new members are automatically registered in the uTANGO Launch Sweepstakes to win one of the following prizes Grand Prize: A MINI Cooper S (3-year lease) provided by uTANGO and 50,000 TANGO Bucks. ARV: $14,076. First Prize: A Romantic Getaway Vacation of your choice provided by and 25,000 TANGO Bucks. ARV: $5,000. Second Prize: One (1) Carat, Diamond, Heart Shaped, 14K White Gold Pendant with a chain provided by and 10,000 TANGO Bucks. ARV: $2,000.

uTANGO recently closed a $1.1 million seed round led by a group of A-List Angels from Seattle, San Francisco & New York. uTANGO also announced the addition of Joan Nevins, former CFO of Upromise, Inc. to its Board of Directors, as well as the creation of its Advisory Board which includes Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Jack F. Kemp, Gail Cottle, former president of Nordstrom's Product Group, Steve Markowitz, Founder and former CEO of, Martin Tobias, CEO of Imperium Renewables and Venture Partner at Ignition Partners and Terry Drayton, former Founder & CEO of

*U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Personal Income and Outlays Press Release (9/26/06)

**USA Today, "$575 on average, U.S. households overspent their incomes by that much in January," Jonathan Waggoner (3/ 2/06)

About uTANGO™

Founded in October 2005 by Moxie Ventures Inc. CEO Jim Miller and Incapa Systems, LLC President Dave Repp, uTANGO was created on the core principle that long-term, extraordinary loyalty should come with extraordinary rewards. Moxie Ventures Inc. is a Holding Company and majority shareholder of Afiniti Ventures, Inc. (d/b/a uTANGO).

uTANGO is the first of its kind: A "defined reward" and "defined spending" Life-Stage Rewards Program. uTANGO has developed a revolutionary patent-pending rewards program that allow singles, engaged couples and newlyweds to leverage their everyday purchases to earn up to $250,000, $500,000 or $1 million cash rewards in return for staying married and being long-term loyal customers of more than 200 leading merchants including Expedia, Inc.,,,,,, and the Wynn Las Vegas Resort. To learn more and to register with uTANGO today, visit Do uTANGO?(SM)

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