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May 19, 2008 07:00 ET

New Version of ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution(SM) Enables Cost-Effective Delivery of More Intelligent, Holistic Advice

Enhancements to Industry Standard Portfolio Rebalancing Application Allow Advisors to Solve More Complex Rebalancing Problems

LAFAYETTE, CA--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - Advisor Software, Inc., a leading provider of wealth management solutions for the advice market, today introduced a new version of ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution. The enhanced version offers a single platform for addressing more complex rebalancing challenges and ensuring appropriate management of client assets.

A fully web-enabled application, ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution can scale from several to thousands of advisors at a competitive price-point, offering a cost-effective solution for helping advisors improve the portfolio management process, increase productivity and grow their business.

Currently available to around 10,000 advisors nationwide through major financial institutions, ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution leads the market as the industry standard solution for streamlining time-intensive rebalancing processes.

"In today's volatile markets, intelligent rebalancing is an increasingly critical service offering for an advisor serving any wealth tier," said Andrew Rudd, chairman and chief executive officer of Advisor Software. "To help advisors further tackle unique portfolio management challenges, such as minimizing unnecessary transactions and considering client liquidity needs, the new version of ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution leverages comprehensive rebalancing capabilities via a highly scalable, cost-effective platform."

About the New, Enhanced Version of ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution

Using the new, upgraded product, advisors can rebalance more than 1,000 accounts simultaneously for a significant reduction in time-intensive, manual portfolio management tasks. These tasks make up 90 percent of the work that is done before a trade is made. What used to require days can now be done in minutes, freeing advisors to focus on more value-added client service, marketing and sales initiatives.

The new, enhanced version of ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution facilitates the creation of more holistic investment recommendations and realistic risk profiles by allowing advisors to consider the full-range of an investor's assets. To further help advisors better serve the needs of investors, other enhancements include the ability to restrict securities as well as minimize transactions, fees and tax consequences. Key features of the upgraded application include:

--  Equivalencies -- Leverage a unique algorithm that eliminates the need
    for transactions and associated fees on securities that are equivalent to
    one another.
--  Restricted Securities -- Prevent certain securities from being
    purchased on an account basis or globally.
--  Held Away Accounts -- Enable a more holistic view of a household's
    accounts and allow advisors to incorporate held-away accounts into any
    rebalancing session. This also allows the advisor to combine accounts
    across multiple custodians and create a more realistic risk profile.
--  Compare Analytics -- Allow a comparison of the pre-rebalanced to post-
    rebalanced portfolios at the account or household levels.
--  Enhanced Diagnostics -- Provide advisors with the analysis they need
    to present the historical performance of portfolios and the securities that
    make up those portfolios, and understand the potential tax impact of
--  Cash Buffers at the Account Level -- Allow advisors to generate cash
    during rebalancing as either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the
    portfolio value. Using cash buffers, advisors can ensure that the account
    meets cash buffer constraints, resulting in a cash balance that can be used
    to meet future client liquidity needs. This enhances the application's
    existing feature of cash buffers as a global constraint.
--  Style and Sector Overrides -- Allow the advisor to create and save
    custom exposures for particular products at the style and sector levels.
--  Enhanced Integration with Trading Systems -- Allows the advisor to
    export their trade list to various file forms to import or pass to a
    trading system.
--  Cash Investment or Cash Generation -- Enables the advisor to manage
    cash within an account with a full rebalance.

"As an organization, Advisor Software has been recognized for being nimble in responding to the needs of its clients and the market at large," said Neal Ringquist, president and chief operating officer for Advisor Software. "The latest upgrade of ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution further reflects this flexibility, providing an even easier, quicker way for financial institutions and their advisors to manage investor portfolios and deliver more holistic, personalized advice."

More About ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution

Featuring a rules-based environment that is defined by the organization, ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution offers an intuitive workflow that is easy-to-use. Leveraging Advisor Software's institutional-caliber analytics, ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution empowers advisors to quickly and easily rebalance client portfolios to an asset allocation or model portfolio target. The application offers the following basic features:

--  Household Rebalancing to a Single or Multi-Model Framework allows
    advisors to rebalance accounts from the same household to a single
    household model or separate models for each household account. Advisors can
    then generate an investment proposal and trade list.
--  Single Account Rebalancing lets advisors rebalance a single client
    account and generate the corresponding trade list to implement
--  Multiple Account Rebalancing enables the concurrent rebalancing of
    multiple client accounts (batch) to the same model portfolio and the
    ability to generate the corresponding master trade list.
--  Locking Features allow advisors to exclude securities from being sold
    during rebalancing at the account or global levels. The locked items remain
    in the account and are included in diagnostic reports and the final
--  Tolerance Bands identify when accounts drift away from the securities-
    based model, isolating the rebalancing process to just the securities that
    have drifted beyond advisor-set bands. Advisors can set standard tolerance
    bands to all the securities in a model or individually apply bands to each
    security, minimizing transactions from swings within the portfolio and
    automating the trade evaluation process.
--  Rebalance Accounts with Multiple Security Types allows an advisor to
    leverage a single platform for supporting a wide-range of investment
    products such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds,
    separately managed accounts and variable annuity sub-accounts.
--  Integration Capabilities allow full-integration with existing
    portfolio management systems.
--  Advisor Customization allows advisors to configure the application to
    reflect an advisor's existing practice by creating and saving asset
    allocation targets and model portfolios.

About Advisor Software, Inc.

Advisor Software, Inc. is a leading provider of wealth management solutions for the advice market and the market leader in portfolio rebalancing software. The company is an industry pioneer, having introduced the first end-to-end platform for goal-directed investment management that combines institutional-caliber analytics and its innovative ASI Balance Sheet Approach(SM) to financial planning. Advisor Software's applications are designed for a wide-range of asset management firms, broker/dealers, banks, insurance companies, online brokerages, and other financial institutions. More than 30,000 advisors are currently using Advisor Software's applications through leading financial institutions to deliver more insightful, actionable investment advice and build stronger, more profitable client relationships. For more information, visit or call (925) 299-7782.

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