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July 01, 2008 14:32 ET

New Version of AMS 360 Now Available

AMS 360 Version 2.5 Drives Efficiency and Agency Growth in Soft Market

BOTHELL, WA--(Marketwire - July 1, 2008) - AMS Services, a leader in insurance agency automation, today announced availability of AMS 360® version 2.5, complete with new support for Web Services and a roll book of business tool, which makes it possible for agencies to significantly increase revenue without adding staff. The 25,000 users in 2,000 agencies who currently run AMS 360 will benefit from marketing and workflow enhancements as well as scalability improvements in version 2.5. In addition, AMS Services is introducing the Ready, Set, Go training program, a new upgrade process that makes it easier than ever to move to the industry's most advanced agency management system.

"The speed and workflow improvements made in AMS 360 version 2.5 allow us to grow our business by giving us more time to provide a better customer experience," said Joyce Sigler, vice-president for Jones & Wenner Insurance Agency. "The improved certificate of insurance workflow and certificate holder import/export feature allows our agents to quickly copy a list of holders between policies, lines of business and certificates, while the new user interface and eForms preview capability allow them to work with forms faster."

"Agencies have told us they want to spend more time with customers and less time on technology," said Lisa Bukowitz, senior product manager for AMS 360. "Not only do these enhancements allow them to do that, but they also allow them to do more with what they already have -- a huge business advantage in this lagging economy."

The major enhancements in AMS 360 version 2.5 include:

--  An updated user interface (UI) -- a new color scheme and simple,
    intuitive navigation make it easier to move through the system.
--  Improved scalability -- recent testing proved AMS 360 scales to more
    than 2,000 users.
--  Forms improvements -- eForms are now tabbed and organized for faster
--  Web Services -- provides secure access for other systems to import and
    export data directly from AMS 360 for real-time integration and improved
--  Certificate holder improvements -- includes import/export, use of
    imported holders and ability to add specific details. These improvements
    reduce or eliminate keying in the holder list, easy sharing of holder lists
    with customers and easy categorization by type.
--  Roll book of business tool -- this new feature enables users to submit
    a book of business to a carrier for quoting in one quick and easy step,
    thus automating the re-marketing of a group of policies.
--  Improved integration capabilities -- further integration with
    Microsoft Outlook and PL Rating™ saves users time and improves their

With the release of AMS 360 version 2.5, AMS Services is also introducing the Ready, Set, Go training program which is designed to streamline the upgrade from AMS AfW to AMS 360. The Ready, Set, Go program includes a configuration workbook with a defined set-up process, test scripts that confirm migrated data integrity and a comprehensive upgrade checklist. Most of the training in this new process is done before a customer's "go-live" date plus additional training support during their first week is included. This new process is designed to shorten the upgrade cycle, eliminate manual tasks and provide a better experience for our customers.

"Making the decision to upgrade is a huge decision, and even then you go in holding your breath," said Lisa Smucker, office manager, Smucker Insurance. "The AMS Services Ready, Set, Go training program is well organized, provides plenty of guidance throughout the migration process and the small group e-learning sessions are one of my favorite parts of the training experience because you learn from other agencies. Completing set-ups throughout the training process and following the guidebook solidified my decision to make the move to AMS 360."

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AMS 360 is the insurance industry's most advanced management system for agencies of all sizes with proven scalability to more than 2,000 users. AMS 360 improves agent productivity, provides a complete view of your agency and connects you to carriers and other AMS Services solutions. AMS 360 allows you to grow your business and focus on exceeding your business goals by providing an in-depth view of your entire business. AMS 360 can be hosted in-house or in the secure AMS Data Center, which has earned the highest SAS 70 certification, allowing for anytime, anywhere access to important data.

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