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December 29, 2010 09:12 ET

New Version of Issue Tracking Software Offers Quick Views for Issue Management

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 29, 2010) - The latest version of project management and issue tracking software has just been released featuring new quick views into your issues, risks, and change orders on your projects.

Parent company Project Manager Online Ltd. has just announced the latest release of their project management and issue tracking software, This latest release offers new quick views to allow project managers and project team members easy access to issues, risks, and change requests stored in the project files.

"Keeping your issues in check is critical on a project," states Jason Westland, president and CEO of Project Manager Online Ltd. "Issues arise throughout any engagement – it's a given. Inconsistent management of issues and lack of issue documentation, tracking, and follow-up are major reasons why many projects fail. If you're assuming they're being tracked, then they're not being tracked. Issues, risks, and change orders absolutely must be in a central repository that is accessible by the team and visible to the team 24/7. Once you ensure that issues are being monitored and controlled, then you'll have a much better handle on your project. Guaranteed."

With new quick views, project managers and project team members are able to:

  • Instantly see all issues, risks, and change orders historically and outstanding on the project
  • Identify who is assigned to each issue, risk, and change order
  • Monitor progress on all work being performed on issues, risks, and change orders
  • Easily update and maintain on issue, risk, and change order tracking records to ensure everything is up to date and stored in one central place
  • Provide the customer and executive management with up to date issue, risk, and change order status at any given time

"Without a central repository, the default is to either track issues and risks via email, a spreadsheet that either only one person has or is always questionably out of date, or to just track in your head … which is a terrifying thought," says Westland. "With, we give the project manager and his team that necessary centralized repository. Project team members can come and go from the project as is sometimes the case and this vital information stays with the project – it doesn't leave with the departing team member. Knowledge transfer is no longer necessary – it's all right in one place. And that also helps for lessons learned sessions following the project. You can access all the issues, risks, and change requests in one place and utilize that vital information for your lessons learned meetings with the team and the customer." is both easy to use and inexpensive to use. Widely understood to be one of the quickest to learn web-based project management solutions available, it also comes in at a price that is lower than the competition. A full license for is 90% less than that of a Microsoft Project license, yet it contains all of the most popular features of MS Project.

Right now, Project Manager Online Ltd. is offering a free thirty day trial for To signup, or to purchase a full user license, go to

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