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February 25, 2015 12:44 ET

New Wall Street Journal Bestseller "NON-OBVIOUS" Reveals 15 Surprising Trends Changing Business in 2015

Four-Time Amazon #1 Bestseller, Georgetown University Professor, Two-Time TEDx Speaker and Trend Curator Rohit Bhargava's Latest Book Spotlights Top Trends in Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Tech, Media & Entrepreneurship and Teaches Readers His Unique Process for Curating Trends

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - February 25, 2015) - What do Disney, Bollywood, and "The Batkid" teach us about how to create celebrity experiences for our audiences? How can a vending-machine inspire world peace? Can being "imperfect" make a product more marketable? Can a selfie improve one's confidence? When can addiction be a good thing?

The answers to these questions may not be all that obvious. And that's exactly the point.

In NON-OBVIOUS: How To Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict The Future (Ideapress Publishing /, marketing expert and Georgetown University Adjunct Professor Rohit Bhargava argues that the key to preparing your business or your career for the future is learning to see patterns and identify trends with a single important skill: curation.

The recently released ebook edition of the book has been the #1 Marketing book on Amazon for the past three weeks straight - and was recently named to the Wall Street Journal's bestselling Nonfiction ebook category at #8 for the week ending February 15th, 2015.

For the past 4 years, Rohit Bhargava has curated his best-selling list of "non-obvious" trends by asking the questions that most trend predictors miss. It's why his insights on future trends and the art of curating trends have been utilized by dozens of the biggest brands and organizations in the world like Intel, Under Armour and the World Bank and downloaded more than 500,000 times online.

In this all-new fifth edition, Bhargava shares an exclusive inside look at his process for trend curation - introducing his "Haystack Method" for trend curation and identifying the five powerful habits of trend curators. 

Non-Obvious is filled with entertaining insights like how a pioneering comedy club charging audiences per laugh may forecast the future of consumption or how a wave of tech firms hiring yogis and offering classes in mindfulness may change the overall culture of business.

Other trends featured in the report include:

  • The Reluctant Marketer - Why brands are focusing less on traditional marketing and promotion and more on content marketing and customer experience.
  • Glanceable Content - How companies are leveraging our shrinking attention span to create experiences designed for rapid consumption.
  • Small Data - How all the excitement about "big data" in business may be misguided and true value comes from learning to leverage the tiny focal points that matter.

In total, Non-Obvious features 15 all-new trends for 2015 across 5 categories including Culture & Consumer Behavior, Marketing & Social Media, Media & Education, Technology & Design plus Economics & Entrepreneurship. Each is designed to help you take a deeper look at the changing landscape of business and prepare your business or career for the future.

For the first time ever, Non-Obvious also delves into the curation process the author has used for years to build his Trend Reports and takes readers behind the scenes of "trend curation" (much to the delight of past readers who have been asking about this for years), and show them the methodology they can use to predict the future for themselves.

Finally, Non-Obvious takes a brutally honest look back at more than 60 previous trends from 2011 to 2014, providing an honest assessment of what came true, what was a dud, and why it matters. 

Rohit Bhargava is a trend curator, founder of the Influential Marketing Group, and an expert in helping brands and leaders to be more influential. He is the author of five best selling books on topics as wide ranging as the future of healthcare, building a brand with personality, and why leaders never eat cauliflower. As a former executive at two of the largest advertising agencies in the world (Ogilvy & Leo Burnett), Rohit has advised hundreds of global brands on strategy and is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Georgetown University. A two-time TEDx speaker, Rohit has also been invited to keynote events in 27 countries and is regularly quoted as a marketing expert in media outlets including The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and NPR. He lives in Washington DC with his wife and two young boys.

Wall Street Journal Bestseller
#1 Amazon Business Bestseller
Top 50 ALL Kindle Books
#1 Marketing ebook for nearly 3 weeks straight on Amazon (since publication) 


How To Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict The Future

By Rohit Bhargava

Ideapress Publishing | Hardcover Publication date: 03/23/15 (ebook currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble)

Price: $24.95 hardcover; 272 pages | ISBN: 9781940858104 (Hardcover)


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Advance Praise for NON-OBVIOUS by Rohit Bhargava

"Non-Obvious is a sharp, articulate, and immediately useful book about one of my favorite topics: the future. Filled with actionable advice + entertaining stories, Rohit offers an essential guidebook to using the power of curation to understand and prepare for the future of business."

Author of To Sell Is Human and Drive

"Shatter your magic crystal ball, and toss out the tea leaves. In this book, Rohit shows us how and where to find the future trends that will shape your business, your brand, and even your own decision-making."

NY Times bestselling author of How The World Sees You

"There are very few books that I read hoping that no one else around me will. They're the books that are so insightful, so thought provoking and so illuminating that they provide powerful competitive advantage. Non-Obvious is one of those. Pass on it at your own peril."

SVP Global Head of Digital & Marketing Transformation at VISA and author of Social Media Marketing For Dummies

"Non-Obvious should be called oblivious since that's how you'll be if this book isn't on your shelf. I actually wish some of Rohit's predictions won't come true ('Selfie Confidence'!? Nooo!)... but usually they do. He's the best at this, and this book shows you why."

Four time Best-Selling Author, including 2014 Sales Book of the Year: UnSelling

"This is one of those rare books that delivers insights that are both useful and help illuminate where business is going. It's a great read."

Author of the bestseller The Power Of Habit

"For the last four years, Rohit has helped make the non-obvious obvious by spotlighting trends to help anyone prepare their business for the future. It gets better every year so if you haven't been reading, it's time to start."

Author of Trust Me I'm Lying and Growth Hacker Marketing

"Rohit Bhargava's "Likeonomics" is the gold standard on understanding the social economy. His new book had me at "predict the future" but there's much more than that in here. It's about seeing the world in a new way - plus a powerful argument for how curation can change your organization."

Chief Digital Officer, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Host, "@Sree Show" podcast on CBS @Playit network

"Rohit provides a goldmine of ideas and trends that will shape the future of marketing and product development. Read this book to get in front of the herd."

Chief Evangelist of Canva
Author of The Art of the Start, 2.0

"A lot of books promise to help you see things differently but Bhargava's book actually delivers. His insightful blend of visual thinking and business strategy shows you how to find meaningful patterns that others miss. A real mind-opener."

Author, Gamestorming and The Doodle Revolution

"It doesn't take a crystal ball to predict that digital is the future. Rather than tell you what you already know, Rohit sets his sights on something much more important: helping you adopt a more curious and observant mindset to understand the world around you. If you believe in a lifetime of learning, read this book!"

Chief Marketing Officer, SAP

"Seeing things that others don't is perhaps the highest form of creativity that exists. Unlock the Non-Obvious approach and you can write your ticket to success in any field."

Author of Duct Tape Marketing and Duct Tape Selling

 "Lots of books tell you to "think different" but Non-Obvious is one of the few books that actually teaches you how to do it. Whether you are trying to persuade clients, motivate a team, or just impress a demanding boss - Non-Obvious can help you succeed. I've already purchased copies for my entire team."

New York Times best-selling author and social strategist

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