Canadians For Responsible Advocacy

April 10, 2014 08:30 ET

New Watchdog Group to Shine Light on Transparency Issues

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 10, 2014) - Canadians For Responsible Advocacy (CFRA), a new non-profit and non-partisan organization, is pleased to launch a new service that will help Canadians determine whether groups that lobby the public are transparent and accountable about whose interests they represent.

Launching in Ottawa today, CFRA's new Accountable Advocacy certification will highlight non-profit advocacy organizations that make it easy to identify where their funding comes from and whether they receive large donations that could affect their advocacy work. Crafted in consultation with industry professionals, the free certification process will highlight organizations that strive to be transparent.

"Canadians have a right to know who is trying to shape their opinions when it comes to important public policy issues." said Nicholas Kyonka, CFRA's chief executive officer and a former journalist in the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

"When well-funded advocacy groups attempt to shape Canadians' perceptions, they should be transparent about how they are funded and whose interests they really represent," said Hon. Bryon Wilfert, CFRA's chairman and a former Member of Parliament (Liberal - Richmond Hill, Ont.).

As part of its efforts to help shine light on transparency issues in Canadian advocacy campaigns, CFRA will also issue monthly "In Focus" reports detailing advocacy groups that should improve their transparency practices in order to ensure that Canadians know who controls their advocacy messages. This month's report includes information about well-known organizations including The National Citizens Coalition, The Canadian Taxpayers Federation and Democracy Watch, which all advocate on issues relating to accountability.

For more information about CFRA or its Accountable Advocacy certification program, please visit or follow CFRA on Twitter at @CFRAdvocacy.

ABOUT CFRA: Canadians For Responsible Advocacy is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that is dedicated entirely to shining light on the transparency practices of other non-profits that engage in public lobbying campaigns. It is funded by small donations (under $5,000 per donor) and will soon launch an advertising service to supplement its donation revenues. CFRA does not take issue with the substance or virtue of advocacy groups' campaigns.

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