SOURCE: New Wealth Advisors Club

November 12, 2012 06:00 ET

New Wealth Advisors Club Reviews Trends in Real Estate Investing

Rental Properties Are Becoming Increasingly Popular Investment Vehicles -- a Trend That Has Earned the Attention of New Wealth Advisors Club

RIVERSIDE, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 12, 2012) - As the U.S. economy lurches toward recovery, there is one bright spot that most experts can readily agree on -- namely, that investments in rental properties are surging. In fact, a recent article in The Chicago Tribune notes that investment home sales of all kinds rose by an astonishing 65 percent last year. The Tribune article speculates that while some of these sales were probably to house flippers, many of them were also to "buy and hold" investors, eager to take advantage of depressed real estate prices and then earning revenues through renting their properties to tenants. The article has won a comment from New Wealth Advisors Club.

New Wealth Advisors Club is a community of real estate investors, including both novices and veterans. The organization is devoted to the notion that anyone and everyone can succeed in real estate investment, if they only have the proper information and a good support network. New Wealth Advisors Club reviews articles like this one, in an effort to better educate its members; the organization has responded to the Tribune article with a new statement to the press.

"Given the weak economy, in terms of jobs and growth, I believe rents and rentals are going to be more and more in demand," remarks New Wealth Advisors Club founder Davis Boswell, in the new press statement. "The transition from homes still set to be foreclosed on, or REOs to be brought to market, will increase opportunities for investing and for renters to get decent single family homes."

The article in the Tribune goes on to note that different U.S. markets are recovering at different rates, which means that the opportunities for real estate investors may vary from one city to the next. Surprisingly, the article notes that the largest markets are not necessarily the best options for investors -- in some cases, because larger markets already have so many investors there to compete. Cities with populations between 200,000 and 500,000 might prove more advantageous, the article notes.

The Tribune also notes that in some of these second-tier markets, economic recovery is actually happening at a more rapid rate than in larger metro areas, which in some cases means there are more eager renters, even as real estate prices remain fairly low.

New Wealth Advisors Club reviews articles like this one and seeks to provide up-to-date real estate information to all of its members, throughout the country.


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