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October 06, 2015 07:00 ET

New Webinar on Leveraging Private Social Networking Technology to Maintain Clinical Trial Oversight, Hosted by Xtalks

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - October 06, 2015) - Join industry experts James Denmark, Founder and CEO of myClin Clinical Research, and John Silowsky, Director of Clinical Operations at Nektar Therapeutics, as they share their first-hand experience in successfully using secure social tools to improve clinical management and oversight. They will provide insight into the millennials that are already running clinical trials worldwide. The live broadcast takes place on Thursday, October 16, 2015 at 10am EDT.

During the webinar, the speakers will discuss demographic trends and present examples, case studies and recommendations on leveraging private social networking technology to maintain oversight. The speakers will share their first-hand experience of running clinical trials that leverage secure social tools and how they will improve your clinical management and oversight.

The generation known as Millennials have become stereotyped as having short attention spans, demanding attitudes towards work and mistrust of institutions. They are also highly independent, digital natives that are optimistic about the future and use technology to connect with like minds rather than by joining organizations of like-minded people. As an example, more than 50% of this generation considers itself politically independent.

Clearly, membership of an institution doesn't reflect behavior or beliefs out in the real world. In the workforce, millennials already represent 35% of the western civilian workforce, outnumbering baby-boomers and generation-x which are both tied at 31%. In the next five years, they will grow to almost 50% of the general workforce.

In the clinical research domain, we talk a lot about using social media to recruit and retain subjects into our clinical trials but if you are a clinical trial manager or head of clinical operations at a sponsor or CRO, take a moment to recognize that approximately 70% of active study coordinators, research nurses and clinical research associates are members of the millennial generation. Given this fact -- almost three quarters of all clinical trial activity today, is being carried out by millennials -- we shouldn't be surprised to find communication breakdowns when using spreadsheets, printed documents, emails and teleconferences as our primary channels of disseminating information.

With this backdrop, the industry is implementing risk based monitoring and other oversight initiatives that further reduce opportunities for face to face communication onsite at the clinic. This in turn, is increasing the criticality of effective communication and tools that meet the information management and oversight needs of all the participants in the clinical enterprise.

The speakers will show through example, how to adapt your approach to sharing information, reference materials and official correspondence towards millennials, while maintaining a higher degree of regulatory control over your documentation distribution practices, and gain insight into how that information is handled and used at the clinical site.

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Since 2008, myClin's mission has been to make participation in clinical trials easier for the staff at study sites. The team of clinical research veterans that created myClin in 2008 brought deep experience delivering clinical operations and services enabled by technology.

Since then, the myClin platform has been used across all phases of research, in global bio-pharmaceutical and device studies with thousands of clinical users. The latest version of myClin is now available as either a single-study subscription or an enterprise license. Learn more at

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