September 13, 2010 08:00 ET

New Website Allows You to Repair Your Credit Fast Using Simple 1, 2, 3 Process

VALPARAISO, IN--(Marketwire - September 13, 2010) -  In response to a growing number of erroneous credit report data and individuals without the knowledge of how to fix those errors, has launched its new website. Developed by professionals in the credit industry, this website is designed to aid individuals that find themselves with a less-than-attractive credit rating. The first of its kind, here consumers will have access to the tools needed to repair their credit fast, while helping to improve credit scores. Consumers will also have the opportunity to learn about everything that credit entails, including how to read and understand both a credit score and a credit report.

Bad credit can have lasting impacts, especially if the credit report is mistakenly reflecting bad credit entries with or without a consumer's knowledge. Individuals can be turned down for home and auto loans without ever fully knowing why. An above-average credit score will help improve a person's overall financial success, opening the door for home and auto loans. With this simple 1-2-3, do-it-yourself credit repair process, customers will be given the steps they need to undertake to improve their credit scores in a clear path to follow. Any questions that consumers have during the process will be answered by a systems specialist within 48 hours.

"Many consumers feel lost once they are told that their credit score is not high enough to qualify for a loan, especially when they were under the impression it was in peak condition. We help people understand the importance of credit, what a credit report and credit score are, along with how to fix their own credit report without having to overpay someone else to do it for them," says founder John Klumpe.

The secure website,, is an easy-to-understand and follow credit repair solution. As the only online repair system, it's continually updated and fully automated, making it simple to use and easily accessible. For a low cost, customers are guided through each of the three simple steps, from obtaining credit reports to printing dispute letters, saving them both time and money.

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