July 11, 2007 17:29 ET

New Website Gives Military Families Top Priority Offers Soldiers and Their Families a New Way to Connect

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - July 11, 2007) - and, the two heavy-hitters in online communications, are on the verge of facing stiff competition for the hearts of America's armed forces. AVGiri, LLC, has officially announced the launch of, a multimedia Internet site geared toward military personnel and their families around the world.

Similar to its competition, MyMilitaryYears will offer users the ability to post text, audio, and video messages. However, MyMilitaryYears is taking a vastly different approach by specifically focusing on members of the armed forces. The site's founders said that "The online communication needs of military families have been ignored for too long. Many of them struggle with the limitations of emails and Instant Messenger. Others have longed for a place on the Internet to call their own, one that allows for them to connect with all of their family and friends back home without the fear that their messages will be made available to the public. They deserve to have an avenue by which they can communicate, yet also enjoy the sanctity of a private environment." MyMilitaryYears may prove to be the solution.

Privacy was an important consideration behind the design of MyMilitaryYears. According to the site's creators, "It was imperative to us that site members' communications are kept private from unwanted viewers. If the wife of a soldier stationed in Iraq gives birth to a child and wishes her spouse to be a part of the event, posting a webcam video of that child's birth on YouTube might be perceived by some families as an intrusive option. We want to create a refuge for such personal events and messages to be shared."

MyMilitaryYears is also addressing long-standing concerns among many families by attempting to address both their need for easy online communication and their desire to limit their children's access to potentially offensive postings. The site has committed itself to ensuring that objectionable material will not find its way into public postings that could be accessed by children. This commitment will likely set MMY apart from existing popular online communication sites for some time to come, as many of these sites are being heavily criticized for their repeated failure to create a family-safe environment.

The creators of MyMilitaryYears hope that the site will enable military families to remain in touch in a very personal and meaningful way, despite the miles. As one site founder said, "We want to emphasize that our site is about connecting families and helping them preserve memories."

Monthly subscriptions for the service begin at $14.99. For more information, visit