SOURCE: Grandkids Do The Darndest Things

September 05, 2014 17:36 ET

New Website Videos Feature Grandkids' Zany Antics With Rewards for Best Submission

In an Announcement From Grandkids Do The Darndest Things, Their New Venture Includes a Website Featuring Grandkids in Hilarious Videos With Prizes Available for Grandparents Such as Paid Vacations

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2014) - Kids can say and do some of the most amazing and amusing things keeping adults entertained for hours and hours. It is amazing just how much grandparents appreciate and love their grandkids. From saving cards and drawings, to going to sporting events and school functions, there are a large number of memories that take place throughout a child's life that is documented and cherished. These memories are created and treasured from the smallest of actions and when grandparents are least expecting it at times. When grandparents are having these wonderful and cherished moments they will find themselves talking about their little rays of sunshine to almost anyone. Sharing these stories to the checker at the grocery store, the mail carrier, their friends, or even the random person calling on the telephone leaves a grandparent feeling accomplished and proud beyond their years. 

So how can a grandparent share these stories and possibly even receive something back to be able to create more wonderful and cherished memories in the future? 

"Grandkids Do the Darndest Things" was created and is sponsored by Reverse My Mortgage with the purpose of having a monthly contest to allow grandparents to post videos of their grandkids doing and saying the darndest things. Each month viewers will vote on videos posted and this will determine a monthly winner. Prizes will range from vacations, gift cards to restaurants, and package deals for the family. 

The easiest part is all the grandparent has to do is continue to admire and love their grandkids by taking video and photos of the experiences they have while their grandchildren are growing up. It truly is a win-win experience.

Posting videos are a cinch too. Just go to their website,, and click on the "upload your video" button. This will allow anyone that visits the "Grandkids do the Darndest Things" website to view, enjoy and vote for videos submitted.

So grandparents take out those video cameras and start filming. Capture anything from trips to the park, maybe the child's first experience with "real" food, playtime out and about the town, or even just sitting in the comfort of home. 

These wonderful memories will be cherished and enjoyed by homes around the country. Knowing that grandparents nationwide can brag and show-off their videos of grandkids really has taken the technological world and made it even better, and who knows just maybe a star will be born!