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October 25, 2012 12:00 ET

New Weight Loss Solution 'Whiffits' Launches World's Thinnest Website

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Oct 25, 2012) - Amidst a world that preaches "calorie counting" and "you are what you eat," the newest and silliest method of losing weight -- Whiffits -- has just gone public in launching The World's Thinnest Website.

With the guidance of certified aromatherapist and clinical aesthetician Stephanie Ollikainen, Whiffits has managed to consolidate weight-loss into the confines of a simple scented wand that makes you feel full, hence limiting your intake. The "secret technology" can be found within the cap of the wands -- which include three invigorating scents: Drop, Shed, and Burn.

The days of feeling guilty over spending too much money on food that you didn't eat are gone. Curb your cravings, and save money. Clinical studies of 3,193 individuals showed that the average Whiffits user varyingly lost about 2% of their body weight each month they used the product. A second research project, a double-blind study published in the Journal for the Advancement in Medicine, revealed that one can potentially lose up to 2.5% of your body weight each month.

In celebration of this quirky new product, Whiffits has brought The World's Thinnest Website to fruition -- literally. Standing at only 150 pixels wide and 6000 pixels tall, overly robust sites at 1000 pixels are a thing of the past. Physically, this is the sexiest and leanest website on the planet. Whiffits makes for a sexy body -- and now it also makes for a sexy website.

Visit The World's Thinnest Website at, where three supply packages are offered for customer convenience:

1. A one month supply for $19.99
2. A three month supply for $49.99
3. Monthly subscription for $17.99 (first month is free)

Whiffits® is a unique weight loss system that comes in the form of scented markers, developed by Dew Innovation Group, LLC. Embedded in each marker is one of three specifically designed scents proven to assist you in weight loss. Just a few sniffs before you eat or when you start to feel hungry releases a unique combination of aroma molecules that trick your brain into thinking you've eaten -- this in turn triggers your body's natural "feel full" response. The end result: you eat less, save money, and the pounds drop off. Whiffits can be purchased at The World's Thinnest Website:

Facebook: /whiffits
Twitter: @whiffits

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