April 19, 2011 11:40 ET

New White Paper Offers Insight on Value of Market Research Reports in the Age of Information 2.0

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Apr 19, 2011) - The information industry likes to live by the adage "content is king." But how is a consumer of professional content to know when the king is a pretender to the throne?

Anyone looking for business information today is confronted with ever-growing options for analysis, data and opinion -- much of it free through websites, blogs, tweets, social networks and other repositories of online content. The availability of this content prompts the question for information professionals and novices: "When can I save budget dollars and turn to free sources of information, and when do I need to spend money for published market research reports?"

A new white paper commissioned by report publisher and aggregator, Beyond Blogs and Tweets: Market Research Reports in the Age of Information 2.0, helps answer that question.

"A market research report is an objective analysis of where a market stands and where it is headed," said Robert Granader, Chairman and CEO of "There is some good information on the open web. But a market research report compactly and reliably provides a range of insight and data, plus the analysis to make that data actionable. This is what differentiates market research reports from free sources of business information."

Beyond Blogs and Tweets reviews the pros and cons of free information on the web, and contrasts this content with the merits of a market research report. It analyzes the components that go into a market research report -- context, detailed market data, competitor information, trend analysis and forecasts -- which contribute to the cost of compiling a research study, but also provide the value proposition on which it's sold.

Additionally, the white paper includes an interview with an industry customer service representative who walks the reader through the process of determining whether market research reports will meet a business need, and for finding the best matches given a customer's specific information requirements and budget.

Beyond Blogs and Tweetsprovides information professionals and first-time buyers with a road map to navigate the often confusing array of business content that is now available, and concludes with a handy checklist on the strengths of published reports vs. the Internet or social media as sources of market research. For further information, and to download the white paper, please click here.

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