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WIND Mobile

December 18, 2014 16:07 ET

New Wireless Spectrum Auction Paves Way for Sustained Competition

WIND Mobile hails latest move by Government to ensure choice for Canadian consumers

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 18, 2014) - The federal Government's move to earmark a significant amount of much-needed new wireless spectrum for competitive use will help pave the way for greater innovation, better services, and lower mobile rates for all Canadians, WIND Mobile said today.

"True competition means better wireless packages and lower rates for consumers," said WIND Mobile's Chairman Anthony Lacavera upon learning of today's announcements.

"The Federal Government's commitment to sustained competition from a fourth carrier in every region is entirely in the best interest of Canadians, and we at WIND Mobile are committed to continuing as that alternative in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta," Lacavera added. "Canadians are already enjoying the benefits of increased competition; wireless rates have come down 22 per cent since WIND Mobile launched. Today's announcement will only help increase competition further and allow even more benefits to be enjoyed by Canadians."

Since its inception five years ago, WIND Mobile has invested heavily to create a strong wireless network covering over 14 million Canadians. WIND Mobile is the fourth largest carrier in the country with over 800,000 active customers.

A recent study by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) of wireless competition and pricing in 11 countries found in markets with four or more service providers "there is a higher likelihood of more competitive and innovative services being introduced and maintained."

"France and Israel saw wireless rates fall and the debut of new unlimited usage plans following the arrival of a fourth carrier in those countries. Better deals and Europe-wide roaming came to the Netherlands with a fourth national wireless provider. This is what happens when incumbent players who previously had no incentive to do better for consumers are faced with real competition," said WIND Mobile Chief Regulatory Officer Simon Lockie.

"Today's announcement means we can move forward in providing Canadians with real choice and better prices."

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