April 21, 2008 14:00 ET

New Workers' Comp Site Provides Quick Cost Benchmarking

Find Out Where Your Organization Ranks at

MANSFIELD, CT--(Marketwire - April 21, 2008) - An innovative new site,, lets employers see how they measure up in workers' compensation costs compared to other organizations nationally.

With the online benchmarking calculator, any risk manager, human resources pro or CFO can learn where the organization stands in workers' comp. Most of the data needed for the report can be found quickly on the summary page of the company's insurance loss run.

"Benchmarking is normally a lot more complicated. The calculator in the online tool kit makes it simple," said the site's creator, Rebecca Shafer.

Fifteen benchmarks are generated by the loss data and corporate data the employer enters, and a company instantly receives a printable benchmarking report. The Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) Benchmark Survey is used for some of the comparative data.

The report also shows how much in sales is needed to pay for the cost of workers' comp at any company.

More information is available at

"Benchmarking is an excellent way to see where you stand and track the progress of your workers' comp program," Shafer said.

The site provides a broad range of free workers' compensation cost-control tools, information and forms.

For more information, contact Shafer at 660-553-6604 or

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