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January 03, 2007 11:14 ET

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION SOLUTION! Mothers Can Easily Get Their Figure Back With "Sara Holliday's Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout" DVD From Fitness Expert Sara Holliday

A 30-Minute Workout for All Fitness Levels Allows Women to Strengthen Their Body, Mind, and Spirit After Pregnancy

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 3, 2007 -- The number one New Year's resolution of shedding unwanted weight is now within easy reach. Fitness expert Sara Holliday fights the battle of the postnatal bulge, and unwanted holiday pounds, with her new DVD, "Sara Holliday's Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout." The latest in her popular "Fit For Mom" series ( of fitness DVDs, "Sara Holliday's Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout" is a 30-minute power packed workout for all fitness levels.

Based on Sara's own routines to get her body back in shape after pregnancy, "Sara Holliday's Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout" is a must for today's busy lifestyles. "I know new mothers are so consumed with their responsibilities that their own health and fitness can suffer. I share the secrets of what I did to quickly and easily put my body back in shape after having my baby," says Sara. "In only 30 minutes I do a head-to-toe toning using simple and fun routines while providing a terrific workout with proven results."

"Sara Holliday's Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout" targets problem areas such as the abdominals, hips, thighs, glutes and upper arms. No special equipment is needed, just a desire to achieve a better fitness level. The variety of exercises includes kickboxing drills, toning exercises for the upper body, Pilates, stretching, abdominal work and much more. As with all her DVDs, Sara is an enthusiastic and helpful guide throughout, offering her distinctive blend of mind, body and spirit awareness.

In addition to "Sara Holliday's Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout," her popular DVD series includes "Sara Holliday's Prenatal Yoga" Trimester Series, where she carefully guides women through safe and effective workouts for each trimester and introduces the many benefits yoga can provide including increased strength and flexibility, breathing exercises, stress relief, and in many cases, an easier labor. Another popular title, "Sara Holliday's Stroller Workout for Moms" DVD, is a complete 60-minute workout, combining various cardiovascular and toning exercises plus yoga for new mothers.

Sara Holliday is a certified yoga instructor with 15 years in the health and fitness industry. She is an AFFA certified aerobics instructor, AFFA certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, licensed marriage-family therapist, plus a holistic health practitioner. Sara has trained extensively in the martial arts, has a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and was a frequent guest as a fitness expert on KUSI-TV in San Diego.

"Sara Holliday's Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout" DVD sells for the low price of $14.95 and can be purchased at, along with her prenatal DVDs. "Sara Holliday's Stroller Workout for Moms" DVD, is only $24.95. For information about Sara Holliday and her products, visit the web site or call 800-568-3820.

"Sara Holliday's Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout" DVD Facts

--  Designed by popular prenatal/postnatal fitness expert Sara Holliday
--  A complete 30-minute "mind, body and spirit" workout for new mothers
--  Features a safe and effective workout
--  Targets problem areas such as abdominals, hips, thighs, arms and
--  No equipment needed
--  Offers a total body tone from head-to-toe
--  Excellent low price of $14.95
ABOUT SARA HOLLIDAY: Sara Holliday, MFT, CPT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, plus an expert in yoga, aerobics, martial arts, and holistic health practices. For more than 15 years, she has coached thousands of women of all ages and fitness levels. Sara and her husband, Brad, started the Fit By Sara Company out of a conviction to be a go-to resource for the mind, body and spirit. Her company and programs reflect her personal mission: to help women achieve their optimum potential and to help them live a rich, fulfilling life. Sara brings her most popular workout programs to DVD for women seeking an alternative to the gym and who are unable to attend Sara's in-demand workshops and classes held in San Diego, California. Her Fit By Sara: Fit For Mom programs are safe, effective and developed specifically to address the fitness needs of moms. She has a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology and a Masters Degree in Psychology. Sara has been featured in national magazines and television news shows.

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