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December 11, 2014 15:41 ET

New York-Based Physical Rehabilitation Practice -- Physio Logic -- Launches New Website for Improved Navigation and Patient Education

Physio Logic, a Multi-Location New York Physical Rehabilitation Practice, Evolves Its Website to Educate Patients and Provide the Best Possible Online Support and Navigation for Current and Potential Facility Visitors

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 11, 2014) - Physio Logic, a New York physical therapy, Chiropractic, Pilates, acupuncture, sports medicine, Nutrition and medical massage facility, worked with medical website design company Aurora Information Technology, Inc. for the redesign of its website: Physio Logic's goal was a one-stop education and information platform for current and future patients. The new website highlights: rehabilitation services by areas of concern, physical medicine, group and private Pilates classes, an employee-written blog tab and a "Meet Our Staff" portion.

"Our new website is another platform that educates our patients, and at Physio Logic, education is the most rudimentary element of the business. If we do not educate our patients, they will not get better. The more platforms we have for education, the better results patients will get," says Dr. Rudy Gehrman, NYC Chiropractor and Clinic Director.

Physio Logic's focus for the updated website was optimal online navigation: current and potential patients must be able to click through the site and learn about their wellness stages with the practice. With relevant patient and facility paperwork and thorough explanations of services for every targeted body part, patients can learn and be prepared for an upcoming visit.

Production manager Jeanine Robotti says, "Accessible welcome packets and other paperwork allow patients to be better prepared for their first visit. The website provides all necessary information, including pricing and scheduling for Pilates classes, massage therapy and acupuncture. It's just overall better navigation for the patient."

Physio Logic strives to involve its employees on facility matters. The company's blog is accessible through the new website and is a compilation of employee-written educational blog articles. The website's staff page includes all employees with their photos, in alphabetical order.

The team at Physio Logic acknowledges that the new website not only helps current patients, but also future patients and those outside the continental United States. Patients have referred friends and family who are now getting monthly blog updates and free health advice, even when physically visiting one of the Physio Logic locations is virtually impossible.

Physio Logic has a unique perspective on healthcare and preventative medicine. While the multi-disciplinary practitioners can rehabilitate individuals from pain to wellness, they also strive to prevent future discomforts and honor the body's natural ability to heal. "Some patients come to our facility in the wellness phase. In those cases, we go right to Pilates or preventative massage," says Lynda Salerno Gehrman, Pilates studio owner and director. Practitioners follow a whole-body approach: they look beyond the specific injury area and determine the underlying pain source. Helping patients maintain a healthy, pain-free life is Physio Logic's ultimate goal. 

Physio Logic has three facilities in two New York locations: New York City and Brooklyn. The company excels in physical therapy and preventative care with rehabilitation services, sports medicine, pain management, Pilates, acupuncture, massage and clinical nutrition. Its diverse, knowledgeable team specializes in treating the overall person and not just his or her problem areas. Listening and understanding the patient is Physio Logic's logic. The facilities set a calming, relaxing vibe -- a perfect place to receive comprehensive wellness treatment and leave feeling better than ever before.


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