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June 07, 2013 19:43 ET

New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald Settle Lawsuit for Nearly $2.3 Million

The New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald, URL, Have Settled a Birth Injury Lawsuit for Nearly $2.3 Million

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - June 07, 2013) - The New York medical malpractice lawyers at the law firm of Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald have been representing clients in legal matters involving birth injuries, cerebral palsy, autism and substandard prenatal care since opening its doors in 1971. The attorneys at the firm hereby announce that they have successfully negotiated a settlement with regards to a birth injury lawsuit that arose because a client was permanently injured as a result of the defendant's alleged negligence.

Specifically, the lawsuit that was filed was initiated in the Nassau County Supreme Court and it was filed against a doctor whose practice is located there. The case was assigned a number of A03033 and it was filed because the plaintiff, an individual male infant whose mother was named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, suffered permanent injuries including cerebral hemorrhages and ultimately a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. The lawsuit alleged that the defendant caused these injuries because of a delay in performing a C-section birth.

According to the court documents, the plaintiff's mother was diagnosed with pregnancy-induced hypertension prior to giving birth. The plaintiff's mother was hospitalized nearly one month before the plaintiff's birth because of elevated blood pressure for a period of five days. She was discharged and returned three weeks later and was once again found to have elevated blood pressure. An examination was performed and it was determined that a C-section birth would be necessary.

However, the court documents allege that nearly six hours passed between this determination and the actual C-section birth. After the birth, the plaintiff remained in the NICU for two and a half months. He had an intraventricular hemorrhage, grade IV intracerebral hemorrhage and post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus. He underwent ventriculo-peritoneal shunt placement at one month of age in order to minimize the damage inflicted by these problems.

Unfortunately, the court documents described the overall quality of life of the infant plaintiff. Plaintiff has profound, global developmental delays. He has severe spastic quadraparesis, which has resulted in bilateral contractures in the knees and ankles and severe compromise in arm function, particularly on the right. Despite the use of medication, he has seizures. He is blind and mute. He is dependent on others for all activities of daily living.

The New York medical malpractice lawyers at Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald were prepared to argue this case in court. At that point, they were able to come together with the defendant and negotiate a settlement in the amount of $2,292,500.00. The case has been dismissed and the matter is now considered closed by both parties.

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Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald is a law firm comprised of New York medical malpractice lawyers who have been representing clients harmed by the negligence of medical professionals overseeing births since the firm's inception in 1971. The attorneys at the firm handle New York birth injury cases, New York medical malpractice cases, New York cerebral palsy cases, New York personal injury cases, auto accident cases and other types of litigation matters that involve injuries inflicted upon individuals who need legal help. 

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