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June 12, 2012 09:03 ET

New ZoomTether Extends Android Phone's Internet to WiFi Devices Within 1,000 Feet

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Jun 12, 2012) - Zoom Telephonics, Inc. (OTCBB: ZMTP) ("Zoom") announced today the release of ZoomTether for Android smartphones. ZoomTether allows smartphones plugged into a Zoom mobile broadband router to share high-speed Internet with WiFi® devices up to 1,000 feet away. ZoomTether is available as a free download for Zoom Model 4501 and Model 4506 wireless-N routers.

ZoomTether extends the high-speed Internet capability in Android smartphones to tablets, computers, iPods, e-readers and other WiFi devices within range of the Zoom router. The smartphone can continue to make and receive voice calls or text messages when it's used with ZoomTether.

With these features and a router range sufficient to cover even a large house, ZoomTether lets many single adult households eliminate the expense of cable or ADSL Internet service.

ZoomTether works with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and other service providers worldwide. For some service providers, ZoomTether can be used without a tethering charge. For a discussion of this issue for the USA, please see this link:

The pocket-sized Model 4506 has both an AC power supply and a rechargeable battery, so it can be used even where an AC power outlet is not available. The Model 4501 is a lower-cost model that's ideal for indoor use.

One or both Zoom routers are in stock at many Micro Center, Staples, and WalMart stores, and are available from Amazon and other leading Web retailers.

ZoomTether has many advantages over a smartphone "hotspot," a phone with built-in Wi-Fi that is shared by devices very near to the smartphone. Many service providers require an expensive service plan with their smartphone hotspot, and ZoomTether can reduce or eliminate that cost. Most smartphone hotspots cover a very limited range, whereas the ZoomTether approach covers very large homes and outdoor spaces. Most smartphone hotspots only support 4 or 5 simultaneous devices, whereas the ZoomTether approach supports 253. Smartphone hotspots rapidly deplete the phone's battery; whereas a Zoom router with ZoomTether will either charge a smartphone's battery or discharge it slowly.

"A Zoom mobile broadband router and ZoomTether give Android smartphone users tremendous flexibility," said Terry Manning, Zoom's VP, Marketing & Sales. "There is often no need for multiple mobile data contracts, or for paying extra for a modem embedded in a tablet or e-reader. A smartphone, a single data plan, and a Zoom 3G/4G router deliver the Internet to multiple devices where and when needed."

Current owners of a Zoom Model 4501 or 4506 can download the ZoomTether application from Zoom's Web site at:

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