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October 11, 2011 09:00 ET

Newark Chiropractic Center Announces Success Treating Sports Injuries With Physical Therapy

NEWARK, NJ--(Marketwire - Oct 11, 2011) - Newark Pain and Rehab Center has announced that the practice has had great success using physical therapy to treat sports injuries and relieve back pain, leg pain and shoulder pain. Sports therapy treatment has helped patients regain a full range of movement, motion and flexibility following a sports injury. The initial treatment is performed by a licensed physical therapist. Depending on the injury, chiropractor, Dr. Vincent Saraceno may also recommend a combination of chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and massage therapy to relieve pain and speed healing. Newark Pain and Rehab Center serves the Newark, East Orange, Ironbound and Irvington communities.

Dr. Vincent Saraceno, a chiropractor in Newark, has announced that his practice, Newark Pain and Rehab Center, has had great success treating patients with sports injuries by using physical therapy. This treatment typically combines exercises, body mechanics and stretches to increase body strength and mobility.

"Sports injuries are a natural occurrence. Even with proper warm-ups and stretches, patients inevitably land on the wrong foot, play too hard or run too long," said Dr. Saraceno. "Sports therapy exercises help to treat the underlying injury and relieve pain while strengthening the muscles and connective tissues."

Dr. Saraceno typically evaluates a patient's unique injury and wellness needs and then creates a customized treatment plan. The initial treatment is performed by a licensed physical therapist who works closely with Dr. Saraceno.

A treatment session typically involves exercises that are designed to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and help the body heal following a sports injury. The treatment session is also designed to help relieve back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and sciatica.

Dr. Saraceno follows a 'whole body' approach to treating sports injuries. Rather than using medication to manage back pain, leg pain, knee pain, shoulder pain or sciatica, Dr. Saraceno focuses on the underlying cause for this pain. He believes that a misalignment in the musculoskeletal system is often the cause of pain.

"I don't believe in using prescription painkillers to 'cover up' pain," said Dr. Saraceno. "As a chiropractor, my job is to treat the underlying cause of this pain whether the patient is struggling with leg pain, sciatica or other chronic sources of pain. Sports therapy, in addition to chiropractic adjustment, is a non-invasive treatment that corrects the underlying problem."

Dr. Saraceno offers sports therapy treatments for the Newark, East Orange, Ironbound and Irvington communities. The practice provides spinal adjustment, spinal decompression, acupuncture and safe manipulation under anesthesia.

"My goal is to help every patient get off the sidelines and back in the game," said Dr. Saraceno. "Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just love being active, no one should miss out on their favorite activity because of an injury. By treating the whole body, we help promote long-term wellness."

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