Project Manager Online Ltd

February 01, 2011 09:15 ET

Newest Version of Online Project Management Software Contains Custom Columns Feature

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 1, 2011) - The popular online project management software product is available with its newest version that includes the ability to define custom data fields to handle whatever your project requires.

Project Manager Online Ltd. announced today that they have just made available the latest version of their cornerstone product,, through their website. This latest release offers project professionals the capability of creating what they are calling "custom columns." These custom columns allow the project manager the flexibility to define new data fields to cover whatever data capture needs arise throughout the course of an engagement.

"We were continually getting requests from our user base to create new fields to handle this or that," states Jason Westland, president and CEO of Project Manager Online Ltd. "We finally decided to stop creating custom fields on our side and we are now giving that ability to the user community. For example, if a project manager needs to track "cost per task," they can just create a new column called "cost," define the data format that will be captured, and they're set." has been constantly growing in popularity because of their attitude of doing what it takes to please their project management online user base and make their product as user friendly as possible. They hear the needs of their users and they do their best to incorporate those needs into the next release. The end result is an extremely full featured and user friendly product that makes even the most novice project manager look like a seasoned professional. even contains many helpful hints and tips to guide project team members through the tasks of creating and refining the project schedule. After all, the project schedule is the backbone for managing the project.

"We understand that the project schedule needs to be the project manager's tool to successfully manage the engagement," says Westland. "Without a good project schedule, too much is left to chance. We make it our business to provide the project manager and project team members with the proper tool set to collaborate successfully and to efficiently and effectively manage the project. We want you to look successful to your customer. If you don't succeed, then we haven't succeeded." is in use by more than 20,000 project professionals worldwide and counts NASA, Citizens Bank, and Volvo among its higher profile users. The software has become especially popular with the very cost conscious small to medium sized business sector. That group often cites low cost and ease of use as reasons for adopting alternatives to what they've been using. Indeed, costs a fraction of what a full user license for industry leader Microsoft Project costs, yet it contains all of MS Project's most popular and commonly used features.

Project managers and team members can signup for the free thirty day trial that Project Manager Online is currently offering. Give it a try on a current project for a month and see if it will meet your project management and collaboration needs. To signup for the free trial or to purchase one or more user licenses, go to

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