April 03, 2007 09:00 ET

Newly Developed Alternator Promises to Boost Gas Mileage of Nation's Automobiles by 20% - 30%!

SACRAMENTO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 3, 2007 -- GPX2, Inc. (, a California-based development hub, announced today that it had built and fully tested a uniquely configured alternator that is 20%-30% more efficient than those currently available and would be comparably priced. Alternators are widely used in modern automobiles where they serve to maintain the battery's charge and supply power to everything from headlights and air conditioners to in-dash radios and turn signals. While the efficiency of alternators varies, it generally falls between 50% - 62% (i.e., partial load) depending on the size and operating speed of the unit.

More than five years in development, the alternator can be scaled to supply power to trucks, buses and heavy equipment as well as trains, fixed and rotary winged aircraft and military vehicles. It can also be used as part of a "gen-set" (i.e., generator-motor) to provide emergency or stand-by power. The HEG-1 is virtually indestructible and is expected to be in production within the next twelve months.

Speaking for GPX2, President and CEO Gary Phillippe stated, "The HEG-1, represents a significant departure in the way generators/alternators are built. It is capable of dramatically reducing the fuel consumption of any vehicle and boosting its mileage... think 1500 miles or more to a tank! Just as important, it sharply reduces airborne pollutants. From the public's standpoint, probably the most remarkable thing about HEG-1 is that the increased efficiency and reduction in pollutants is achieved without a corresponding increase in price. If the 68 million automobiles built globally each year were equipped with HEG-1's, the world would see the consumption of fossil fuels plunge."

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