SOURCE: Ioannis Glavas, MD

Ioannis Glavas, MD

June 17, 2011 11:30 ET

Newly FDA-Approved Procedure Offers Patients More Choice for Lip Augmentation

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Jun 17, 2011) - Restylane, a popular dermal injectable filler for the correction of wrinkles, is now FDA-approved for lip augmentation. Dr. Ioannis P. Glavas, founder and director of The Glavas Centre for Oculo-Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, applauds this move.

"Restylane was first approved in 2005 as a liquid facelift technique and has proven to be safe and effective," Dr. Glavas said. "Some cosmetic surgeons have already used this filler off-label for temporary lip augmentation with great results. Our group was one of the first to publish results of lip treatments with hyaluronic acid based fillers at the Archives of Facial plastic surgery at that time. I'm glad that many more patients will now have access to this option."

The FDA's decision was based at least partially on a new study released by Restylane's manufacturer, Medicis Aesthetics. That study found that of the 135 patients who received the injections, 92% were considered "responders" at eight weeks.

Although almost all patients reported side effects, the vast majority were related to the injection procedure itself including expected temporary redness and swelling at the injection site. However, the FDA panel voted 6-0 (with one abstention) that the benefits outweigh the risks for this procedure.

Dr. Glavas underlined that as useful as Restylane is, patients need to understand that this is a temporary solution, as is the case with most fillers. Restylane generally lasts six months to more than a year or longer depending on the treatment site and technique of the administering surgeon.

"Many patients prefer temporary solutions to surgical procedures because there are fewer risks and recovery times are shorter," Dr. Glavas said. "However, I always stress with my patients that they shouldn't expect the same long-lasting results from injectables like Restylane that can be obtained through cosmetic surgery."

For example, fat transfer is a surgical procedure where the patient's own fatty tissues are surgically implanted into the lips for more natural and permanent results. Another procedure -- artificial lip implant -- consists of collagen, silicone, or some other material like Gore-Tex or saline adjustable implants that are surgically inserted into the lip area. As always, Dr. Glavas emphasizes that patients considering any cosmetic surgery or injections should consult with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon before making any decisions.

"There are many factors to consider for any procedure including your medical history, skin type, and allergies, to name a few," Dr. Glavas said. "A cosmetic surgeon understands all the risks and benefits, and is trained to provide you with all your options so you can make a better-informed decision."

Dr. Ioannis P. Glavas is a Board Certified (ABO) oculoplastic and facial cosmetic surgeon specializing in eyelid procedures with offices in Boston (Newbury Street) and Manhattan. Dr. Glavas takes a multidisciplinary approach to facial reconstruction with expertise in several surgical and non-surgical techniques to provide more choice for his patients including laser, fractional laser skin resurfacing or radiofrequency technology depending on individual, cultural and ethnic characteristics.

The author of numerous articles and reviews in major scientific journals and book chapters on cosmetic facial rejuvenation, Dr. Glavas is the founder and Director of the Glavas Centre for Oculo-Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, the Massachusetts Eye Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, and serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor at NYU School of Medicine and Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital in New York.

Dr. Glavas is regularly quoted in newspapers and on TV and radio, and is available to comment on all issues related to cosmetic surgery and most particularly eyelid procedures.

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