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Mattersight Corporation

September 13, 2016 09:15 ET

Newly-Patented Demographic Capabilities Supercharge Mattersight's Call Routing Technology

Blending Personality Insights With Demographic Information Enables Laser-Targeted Caller/Agent Pairing and a Deeply Enhanced Customer Experience

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Sep 13, 2016) - Mattersight Corporation's (NASDAQ: MATR) unique ability to spark chemistry in the call center using personality science has made it a favorite of Fortune 100 companies looking to up-level customer experience. That uniqueness has been significantly bolstered by the incorporation of demographic data into the company's advanced analytics.

With its recently issued 28th patent, Mattersight now has exclusive rights to optimize caller/agent pairings based on demographics alone, as well as on a combination of demographic data and linguistically-identified personality information, an ability patented earlier this year. 

Call centers using this technology are able to instantaneously identify the optimal agent pairings for multiple incoming callers, as well as for predicted future callers, with or without personality data. As a result, these brands are now providing more personalized and effortless customer experiences throughout an entire day and across the vast majority of conversations, rather than just call by call.

"Our goal with Predictive Behavioral Routing has always been to build a true pairing engine that is fueled by as holistic a portrait of each customer as possible, and demographics are a critical part of that picture," said Chris Danson, Mattersight's Chief Technology Officer and an inventor on both recent patents. "Incorporating demographic data into our algorithms gives our clients an unsurpassed understanding of what their customers want and need, and gives those customers an exponentially greater chance of having a positive, loyalty-driving experience each time they call."

Danson says that leveraging both demographics and personality, separately and in combination, can significantly reduce customer/agent mismatches within the call center experience. "It's an incredible CX differentiator, and we are the only ones who provide it."

The combined personality/demographic pairing capability is currently available in version 4.0 of Mattersight's routing solution, now in deployment at more than 75% of the company's clients and on over two million individual conversations quarterly; it will be an elemental feature of all versions of the software moving forward. Mattersight expects 100% client adoption of the latest routing version by 2017.

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