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June 19, 2008 20:38 ET

NewMarket Technology, Inc. Releases CEO Shareholder Letter Discussing Managed Services, Debt Reduction and Management Realignment

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - June 19, 2008) - NewMarket Technology, Inc. (OTCBB: NMKT) today released a letter to shareholders from Philip Verges, the Company CEO. The letter is included in its entirety below:

Dear Fellow Shareholders -

The Company has recently made a number of announcements regarding several topics. In response to some of the announcements, we have received a number of shareholder questions. In hindsight, a few of the announcements may not have adequately explained the relevant shareholder value.

First off, I apologize. I am collaborative by nature and NewMarket's communications reflect my collaborative nature. The collaborative approach has resulted in providing NewMarket with a flow of sales opportunities and acquisition targets that I contest as unprecedented for a company of our size. We have also generated invaluable feedback from shareholders that has substantially contributed to the ongoing evolution of NewMarket's business model to continuously introduce new technologies to market. We are working to improve our collaborative approach to sustain its benefits, but at the same time reduce unnecessary confusion.

In the meantime, let me clarify the topics on which we have received questions. All four topics reflect important points that specifically enhance shareholder value.

1. Managed Services Strategy

On Monday, NewMarket announced a $4 million three year contract with Movistar, a division of Telefonica. This contract demonstrates the Company's strategy to transition our revenue from recurring short term contracts into recurring revenue from long-term managed services contracts. The recurring revenue from managed service contracts generally receives substantially higher price to sales and price to earnings valuations than revenue from shorter term contracts. This is because managed service revenue is in essence, a foundation of sales that can be built upon, rather than a sale that has to be renewed more frequently. We intend to announce further demonstrations of our move to make managed services an increasing percentage of our sales.

2. Debt Pay Down Strategy

NewMarket has recently communicated the retirement of a $3 million credit facility. The debt pay down was a conscious and proactive choice by management. We did not have to pay off the debt, but we decided it was in the best interest of the Company and its shareholders. The terms of this particular credit facility were contrary to our international strategy, and its ongoing documentation requirements were consuming valuable management resources that would be better used growing the Company.

NewMarket is internationally focused and U.S. lenders typically do not place the same value on receivables or the other assets generated from overseas operations as they do for those generated in the U.S. Since credit facilities are typically secured by a company's assets, NewMarket's existing debt is not serving the Company's strategic priorities as well as it could, due to the bias of U.S. lenders. The majority of NewMarket's growth is international and the terms of NewMarket's credit facilities are not as advantageous towards international expansion as they are towards domestic, U.S. expansion. Reducing, replacing, or eliminating this existing debt is an improvement for shareholders and the Company. We are working toward a full payoff, substantial reduction, or looking for new lending partners who understand and more fully value the nature of our overseas assets.

3. Bruce Noller's Role as President

We have recently announced Bruce Noller as the President of our Managed Services business. Our Managed Services business was explained in detail in a PowerPoint Webcast that can still be viewed at The objective of the Managed Services strategy is to improve the Company's value by extending the average length of customer contracts and improving the efficiency of our regional operations through the consolidation of our back office functions. This is an important initiative for the Company and its shareholders. As explained above, by transitioning the current business that represents 70% of the Company's existing revenue into managed services, we have the opportunity to grow sales more rapidly from a strong foundation and enjoy improved valuation in the market. Mr. Noller is a long-time known resource who has been involved with NewMarket for years. His understanding of the organization and his dedication to the Managed Services business will free me to concentrate on the Company's expansion into new markets and new technologies.

4. John Verges' Ongoing Role

Paul Danner was recently announced as the CEO of NewMarket's Chinese subsidiary. Mr. Danner follows in the footsteps of John Verges who served as the founding CEO of the Company's Chinese subsidiary. The transition has not been a sudden change, but rather a planned transition that has been in the works for over six months. Mr. Danner and Mr. Verges have been working side by side in China since the beginning of the year to not only introduce Mr. Danner to all of the Company's key participants, but to make sure Mr. Danner has a full working knowledge of the organization.

John Verges is one of the founders of NewMarket Technology, Inc. The Company was founded by my family in 1997 and John Verges is my brother. While he has transitioned out of the role as the CEO of the Company's Chinese subsidiary, he has by no means left the Company. After eleven years at NewMarket, he has acquired a broad base of experience through his participation in the Company's expanding operations. He participated in many company initiatives prior to the launch of NewMarket's Chinese subsidiary, and he will participate in future endeavors as well. John Verges will now serve as Managing Director of Red River Advisors, a third party private entity established a year ago to serve the needs of growing small businesses. Small businesses, particularly publicly traded small businesses, have a need for robust and dynamic business planning, financial planning counsel, and clear corporate communication strategies. In his new role, John Verges will now serve in a senior corporate communications role for NewMarket that will not only encompass the Company's Chinese operations, but the entire organization to include Southeast Asia, Latin America and any new market the Company enters. The communication of the Company's strategy and fundamental financial standing to Wall Street and the global investment community is essential to the Company's ongoing growth, its plans to expand well beyond $100 million in annual revenue, and the long-term market value of the Company.

Thank you for your feedback. While our collaborative communication style may have resulted in some inadvertent confusion, it nevertheless has generated great feedback that has helped me to make NewMarket a stronger Company. With the focused efforts of Paul Danner, Bruce Noller, and John Verges, we will strive to improve the Company's communications, reduce unnecessary confusion, grow the company and increase its value in the marketplace.

Thank you for your consideration and best regards,

Philip Verges
NewMarket Technology, Inc.

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