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July 24, 2012 13:19 ET

NewMediaMetrics -- TV Programming: 'Call It a Day' for Day-of-Week Modeling

TV Anywhere, Anytime Requires More Accurate Delivery of ROI to Marketers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 24, 2012) - Day-of-the-week modeling is beginning to falter, and TV broadcast and cable executives need far more accurate means to measure ratings and audience numbers in order to deliver ROI to their advertisers, according to NewMediaMetrics, a brand strategy and analytics firm.

"Day-of-the-week models are problematic," states Denise Larson, co-founder of NewMediaMetrics. "They do not reflect ratings and CPM's anymore and networks need to account for new ways of viewing."

Since the dawn of television in the mid-20th century, networks have had to devise day-of-the-week scheduling for their shows to attract the highest CPM's. But that method started to become outdated once DVR use became widespread, Larson said. Now, the proliferation of mobile devices, such as tablets, has exacerbated the situation. Old models and methodologies don't account for new behaviors since people now consume TV shows, movies and other content anytime and anywhere they want.

Larson said, "TV anywhere has caused a behavioral sea change among viewers. The entire industry is scrambling to try to figure out which data to model in order to prove that people are actually watching their shows. It's not even accurate to use the term 'programming,' in this time-shifted viewing era. It's really about content consumption and content consumption is all about consumer pull."

NewMediaMetrics measures consumer "pull," a critical factor in delivering ROI, and has spent the past decade quantifying and analyzing consumer "pull" to cross-platform content and brands via Emotional Attachment™.

Knowing the Emotional Attachment™ to brands and cross-referencing it with TV shows and media platforms can help advertisers make more cost-effective media buys. For example, if a viewer is "attached" to a TV show, he or she is 46 percent more likely to view it more often and 40 percent more likely to view it intently, regardless of the day of week it airs, according to NewMediaMetrics's data and analysis tools.

Furthermore, if a consumer sees an ad for a product or service to which he or she is emotionally attached, and receives that message on a media property or platform to which he or she is also very attached, the viewer is 2.5 times more likely to pay attention to the advertising, and three times more likely to consider purchasing the brand. 

Just look at what is going on with an extremely popular show over just the course of a year.

  Attachment to Viewing on a large scale device
such as an i-Pad among
 18-54 year olds
2011 vs. 2012
Attachment to Viewing on a small scale mobile device such as a cell phone/smartphone among 18-54 year olds
2011 vs. 2012
Modern Family +40% +24%

Larson's advice to marketers and networks? "Let's call it a day on day-of-the-week models and start capturing the new dynamics of the marketplace," she said. "Marketers will come to know what the consumers already know: 'pull' is very 'attaching.'"

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NewMediaMetrics (NMM), founded in 2004, is a strategic marketing-optimization company that helps marketers increase revenues by redeploying resources toward marketing efforts most valuable to their core customers. NewMediaMetrics helps marketers and media companies improve their ROI by "LEAP-ing" -- Leveraging Emotional Attachment for Profit. NewMediaMetrics's proprietary, predictive LEAP™ Platform identifies and targets high-value, revenue-producing customers with messages and media predicted to perform best -- re-allocating resources and investments toward initiatives that will optimize results.

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