SOURCE: Deer Park Animal Hospital

February 12, 2012 11:00 ET

Newport News Animal Clinic Nurses Stray Dog "Bella" Back to Health After Being Rescued by Good Samaritan

NEWPORT NEWS, VA--(Marketwire - Feb 12, 2012) - An abandoned German Shepherd that was found wandering alone on the side of a Hampton highway was rescued by a good Samaritan recently and taken to local veterinary clinic, Deer Park Animal Hospital, for medical care. The dog required numerous procedures including bloodwork, clipping and cleaning massively infected wounds all over her body, and laser surgery. After several weeks of care, and numerous donations from the surrounding community, the dog now named "Bella" is doing just fine with her new owner: the good Samaritan who rescued her.

When Bella was first brought into Deer Park Animal Hospital, she had severe infections all over her body, unkempt teeth, heartworm disease, toenails that were about 3 inches long, and a large mass at the base of her tail that seeped continuously. The infection caused her to lose large patches of fur and she appeared to be malnourished as a result of her untreated heartworm disease and overall lack of care. The veterinarian at the Newport News animal clinic, Dr. John Savell, recalled that, "she hurt all over, yet wagged her tail. This is what severe neglect looks like and it's heartbreaking."

After seeing pictures of Bella that had been posted on Facebook by the veterinary clinic, the Hampton community rallied together in support of the neglected dog, with many Hampton and Newport News residents making generous donations to the animal clinic in order to help pay for Bella's medical needs. These donations helped pay for wound care, bloodwork, surgery and pet dentistry services provided to the rescued dog. Dr. Savell said, "It is always refreshing to see people in the community gather together to help our animal clinic provide the necessary care for neglected animals in need." The veterinary clinic responded to the positive public response by posting regular status updates on Bella's recovery on their Facebook page.

In a few weeks time, Bella was showing remarkable signs of improvement. Many of her infections cleared up and her fur was starting to grow back. She was even healthy enough to undergo laser surgery to remove the large mass at the base of her tail. While she was anesthetized, the veterinarian took the opportunity to clean and fix Bella's teeth, which had been completely neglected by the German Shepherd's previous owner.

It is going to take some time before Bella is able to make a full recovery. According to the clinic staff, Bella appears to be full of life and has a healthy appetite. Bella still suffers from heartworm disease which may be preventing her from gaining weight, but because of her estimated older age and her body condition, the treatment will have to be on hold for a while. The woman who rescued Bella from the side of the highway has decided to adopt her, give her a good home and continue to provide for her ongoing medical needs.

The Deer Park Animal Hospital is a Newport News laser surgery center that provides a wide variety of high tech medical services for pets including: EKG's, radiography, ultrasound and laser therapy. The animal clinic also provides a number of preventative maintenance services such as dentistry, nutritional consulting, and vaccinations. More information on Bella and her ongoing progress can be found on the clinic's Facebook page at

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