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Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P.

September 17, 2010 16:31 ET

News Briefing: Statements From Enbridge News Briefing on Romeoville, Illinois Pipeline Leak, September 17, 2010

ROMEOVILLE, ILLINOIS--(Marketwire - Sept. 17, 2010) - Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P. (NYSE:EEP)

Excerpt from Joint News Conference, 2 p.m. Eastern Time, September 17, 2010
Romeoville, Illinois.

Art Meyer, Senior Vice President, Enbridge Inc.

Enbridge continues to treat this leak and the safety of the public and personnel working onsite as our top priority and we are staying focused on minimizing the impact on the environment, on neighboring businesses and neighboring communities.

With regard to leak clean-up, the clean-up program continues to make very good progress. We're in the later stages of the drainage ditch and retention pond clean-up and will begin restoration work in those areas in the days ahead. We will be cleaning or replacing sections of storm sewer that were affected by the incident, as you heard earlier, and that would be in the roadway and adjacent areas.

The installation of temporary storage is well underway at the sewage plant and again, sewage water will be run through carbon filters, any hydrocarbons will be removed and then the water will be disposed of at a disposal facility or a treatment facility.

We will continue to monitor air and water peripheral to the affected areas, but have not seen any indications as of yesterday.

And with regard to the earlier EPA comment, I should note that my updates are provided daily and I'm therefore referring to daily results not past results. So, for the past several days we have not seen any indications of hydrocarbons in the tributary or other adjacent areas, outside of the areas that were directly impacted.

With regard to businesses, we continue to work with local businesses in the immediate area to minimize and address any impacts resulting from this incident, and we are meeting one-on-one to ensure that all affected businesses are fairly compensated for any losses.

With regard to the re-start of Line 6A, Enbridge successfully returned Line 6A to normal operations this morning at 07:50 MST.

In conclusion, Enbridge's environmental response team is working closely with local agencies and all emergency officials to complete the clean-up as quickly as possible.

As always, we extend our utmost appreciation to Romeoville emergency responders as well as State and Federal regulatory agencies for their professional, diligent and supportive actions.

Enbridge has launched a website to provide updates and further information about the Company's response to the leak on the 6A pipeline near Romeoville, Illinois. The URL for the website is romeoville.enbridgeus.com.

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