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Amicus the Union

April 24, 2007 08:25 ET

News from Jon Cruddas MP

Tories repositioning as environmentalists is naked opportunism says deputy leader contender

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(CCNMatthews - April 24, 2007) - The Tories attempt to depict themselves as defenders of the environment is a cynical exercise in repositioning, Jon Cruddas, deputy leadership contender will say today.

In a speech to the Labour environment campaign group SERA later today, Jon Cruddas will say that Labour must confront the Tories on the green agenda. He will say that they aren't prepared to take on the tough decisions that require government, business and individuals to work together, but instead want to use green issues as a cynical exercise in spin.

Jon Cruddas will also says the environment is a key part in Labour's quest for social justice both here and abroad. Tackling climate change is imperative in helping people in the global south and, in developing new technologies, will provide thousands of high value, knowledge based jobs in the UK.

Jon Cruddas, deputy leader contender and MP for Dagenham, will say:

"Cameron's green agenda is like McDonald's salad menu. McDonald's hasn't started selling salad because they think customers want to buy it, they've started selling it so that people don't feel as bad about going in there for a burger.

"The Tories self-styled green credentials are a triumph of spin over substance and no-one should be fooled by photocalls involving huskies - David Cameron likes to spend his weekends traipsing round the Scottish highlands shooting deer. It's no good simply "exhorting" business to act - you have to take tough decision to help business and individuals adapt to the modern world"

The deputy leadership candidate is calling for an open debate within the Labour Party on the environment and the development of a broad coalition for new ideas, involving environmental groups and campaigners.

Deputy Leadership candidate, Jon Cruddas MP, has set up an anti-Tory hotline to invite people to give their stories of desperate Tory campaigning tactics. You can post your stories to Jon Cruddas on or call his Anti-Tory hotline on 020 7 100 2630.

Jon Cruddas will be speaking to the SERA group in Committee Room 6, Portcullis House at 6.30 pm. If you would like to attend please call Emma Brunell at SERA on 020 7 022 1985.

Jon Cruddas is MP for Dagenham. Jon is standing as a candidate for deputy leader of the Labour Party. For more information on Jon Cruddas' deputy leadership campaign visit


Jon Cruddas' Deputy Leadership bid has received the support of 100 Labour grassroots activists from every area of the country. They include councillors, local party secretaries and trade union officials. He was overwhelmingly endorsed by 53% of Compass members in March. He has also received the support of Amicus General Secretary Derek Simpson and T&G leader Tony Woodley.

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