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June 05, 2007 05:01 ET

News From Jon Cruddas MP

Jon Cruddas fights election on ‘mandate for change’

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 5, 2007) -

Deputy leadership candidate, Jon Cruddas, has called on Labour Party members to use their vote for him as a 'mandate for change'.

The MP for Dagenham, the only non-Cabinet member standing for the post of deputy leader of the party, is launching his 'Choose Change' manifesto tomorrow.

In it he sets out the key policy areas he believes Labour must focus on to renew the party and win the next election, such as stronger protection for agency workers, enforcement of the minimum wage and moves beyond it to a living wage. He also calls for public contracts 'outsourced' to the private sector to retain minimum employment clauses to ensure staff transferred from the public sector are not employed on poorer terms and conditions.

Other proposals include:

- a fully elected second chamber

- a moratorium on private sector involvement in the NHS

- an inquiry on Iraq

- the extension of the Network Rail 'Not-for-profit' model to other rail services

- the requirement for private companies to publicise their environmental impact

- immigrants who have been in the country for more than four years being able to 'earn' citizenship

- the replacement of student loans with a progressive graduate tax

- a radical programme for the building of thousands of council houses

His manifesto also contains extensive proposals for the democratisation of the Labour Party, including the election of the National Policy Forum, the abolition of the post of Party Chair and the 'opening up' of conference.

Jon Cruddas is the only Deputy Leadership candidate fighting on a platform that he will be a full-time deputy leader, not Deputy Prime Minister or the holder of a large departmental portfolio. He wants to devote himself to rebuilding the Labour Party and representing members' views to the government in Cabinet.

Jon Cruddas, who is second of the candidates in terms of support from Constituency Labour Party's and is leading in terms of the trade union members eligible to vote in the election, said:

"The change in leadership and deputy leadership presents us with a unique opportunity to change. We must embrace it. Some of my rivals are saying more of the same is what's needed but a 'steady as she goes' strategy will lose us the next election.

"We have to be the party of renewal and change. If we fail in this it is the Tories who will position themselves as the agents of change and renewal and we risk losing the next election to them. This is why I am asking the Labour Party not simply to choose me but to 'Choose Change."

Jon Cruddas has received the support of Ken Livingstone, the backing of the T&G and Amicus, now Unite, the support of think-tank Compass, Tony Robinson, actor, activist and NEC member, Tribune, the Campaign for Labour Democracy, the NUS President and hundreds of councillors and activists nationwide.

Jon Cruddas is MP for Dagenham. Jon is standing as a candidate for deputy leader of the Labour Party. For more information on Jon Cruddas' deputy leadership campaign visit www.joncruddas.org.uk

Notes to editors:

Jon Cruddas manifesto 'Choose Change' can be viewed at http://www.joncruddas.org.uk/downloads/ChooseChange_VoteCruddas.pdf

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