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December 22, 2014 14:23 ET

News Release

LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG--(Marketwired - Dec. 22, 2014) - Zebra Holdings & Investments S.à.r.l. ("Zebra" or the "Offerer"), a company controlled by a trust settled by the late Adolf H. Lundin (the "Trust"), announces that on December 22, 2014, in connection with the listing of the common shares of Lundin Gold Inc., formerly known as Fortress Minerals Corp., ("Lundin") on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB (the "Nasdaq Stockholm"), it sold 2,350,518 common shares in the capital of Lundin (the "Common Shares") at a price equal to the Swedish Krona equivalent of C$4.00 per Common Share (the "Block Trade"). The Shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stockholm. Zebra relied on Section 2.8 of NI 45-102 Resale of Securities for the Block Trade.

After taking in to account the recent conversion of Zebra's subscription receipts acquired pursuant to Lundin's private placement of subscription receipts on November 25, 2014 (the "Subscription Receipt Financing"), as disclosed in Zebra's Early Warning Report dated November 27, 2014, the Common Shares sold pursuant to the Block Trade represent approximately 2.3% of the issued and outstanding shares of Lundin and approximately 6.9% of the Common Shares owned or controlled by the Offeror or joint actors of the Offeror.

Prior to giving effect to the Block Trade, the Offeror owned 30,974,825 Common Shares, representing 30.6% of the then issued and outstanding Common Shares. In addition, Lorito Holdings S.à.r.l. ("Lorito"), a shareholder of Lundin controlled by the Trust with whom the Offeror acts jointly or in concert, owned 3,009,167 Common Shares, representing 3.0% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares. Prior to the Block Trade, the Offeror and Lorito collectively owned and controlled 33,983,992 Common Shares, representing 33.6% of the then issued and outstanding Common Shares. After giving effect to the Block Trade, the Offeror and Lorito own or control 31,633,474 Common Shares representing approximately 31.3% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares.

Zebra and Lorito are joint actors with respect to their holdings in Lundin and had acquired their prior Common Shares for investment purposes. Zebra effected the Block Trade in order for Lundin to satisfy certain listing requirements on the Nasdaq Stockholm. Each of Lorito and Zebra may or may not purchase or sell securities of Lundin in the future on the open market or in private transactions, depending on market conditions and other factors, subject to certain contractual restrictions agreed to by Zebra and Lorito.

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